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Every wanted a lore-friendly friend of the Sixth House? How about one that can be friends with the Nerevarine? Look no further.

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An Ash Zombie as a companion? Why I never! 

Meet Dagoth Valmyn. Or at least, that's what he calls himself. He isn't really a Dagoth yet, and he won't get to be. A dagger stuck into his head has freed him from Dagoth Ur's dreams, and he has awakened to freedom, and consciousness. He is free to choose his own destiny, and you may be a part of that grander scheme.

You may find Dagoth Valmyn... strange. He has been touched by Dagoth Ur's accursed magic, and that magic has warped him into a methodical abomination. You will find that he is dim, yet at the same time enlightened. His perspective about the world is certainly... different from most.

You may find him wandering aimlessly around Balmora, making the locals wary. Ask one of the locals of Balmora about "Latest Rumors" to begin the quest to recruit him. 


Features in Dagoth Valmyn Companion Mod:

♦ Dagoth Valmyn is a companion with a simple backstory, and not a lot to say. Unless you ask him about the Dream Siphon, that is. He comes with a backstory, a dagger in his head, and a lot of Sixth House baggage. 

♦ He is a complicated man. But he's a more complicated zombie. 

♦ He is lore-friendly. His dialogue is written just like other Ash Zombies' dialogue, and he has a story to tell.

♦ Walking Enchanting and Spellmaking: Dagoth Valmyn can enchant your stuff, and make spells for you on the go. Curiously, the gold you give him is absorbed into the gaping hole in his head, never to be seen again... Killing him will not allow you to get all of your gold back. He is, however, a transportable service. 

♦ Grumpy's Companion Script. He doesn't get stuck on rocks!

♦ Healing over time.

I hope you guys enjoy! Valmyn is a simple man. A simple zombie. This is a simple companion mod. 

Version 1.001 Pre-release patch: I screwed up quite a bit upon mod release. Luckily, I released the mod on a slow night, and only one unfortunate soul downloaded the mod. Supposedly. I fixed the dialogue topics, and added Grumpy's Scripts to the companion. The explaination for the bad release? Simple. Skype calls are distracting, and I happened to be talking to someone, making this mod, and watching Snowpiercer. Good movie. Anyway, my sincere apologies for the terrible release. I have fixed the problems. 

Version 1.002: Allows Valmyn to heal over time.
Special thanks to R-Zero, who assisted by sticking a dagger in this Zombie's head.
Special thanks to Grumpy, for Grumpy invented what in Morrowind is worth more than fire: Companion Scripts.