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My take on a more decorated Sadrith Mora.

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Vvardenfell, to me can often feel a little bare, a little barren. A lot of land is empty, with large gaps between any features. I thought I'd give a try at filling in one of my favourite locations, the city of Sadrith Mora. The place has been spruced up in the typical Azura's coast style, menhirs and mushrooms aplenty.

A new building has been added, "Vrake Brae's House" it's unoccupied, so feel free to settle in.

As this mod adds many statics to Sadrith Mora, and other mod which modifies the city will likely conflict.
Wolverine Hall has remained untouched, though any mod which may expand it to the north will conflict with some of my additions.
NPCs have been modified or added, besides an extra few guards.

Just report any conflicts you might want resolved, and I'll try and make some time to modify my mod to accomodate.