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Fixes 3 bugs in the Vanilla game not addressed by other major patches.

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                           Kursan is proud to give you 
                                     Ordiniran Fix

This mod will address two locations that actually do have a bug in the Vanilla version of the game and to my knowledge have not been addressed by any other patches, and one "aesthetic bug fix" of a mine location. While all changes are fairly small, I hope you find this a useful addition to your game.

Fixed Locations:
The Wizard tower of Ordiniran that had an in-accessible basement, the bandit cave of Kudanat where a hidden chest behind a waterfall could not be accessed, and Vassir Didanat Cave that is supposed to be lost to knowledge yet was in plain sight from a major path.

Detailed Description:
The tower of Ordiniran is located in the Azuras coast region, in fact on the shore straight west of Azuras statue. It is a fairly large compound full of bandits, undead and a wizard; particularly with MCA installed it can be pretty tough. Bethesda created a third level to the basement with leveled creatures, but there is no access to it!

Consequently when you think you have beaten all you still get the battle music and you cannot rest because "enemies are close by". This can be an issue if you run out of potions or other ways to heal and sleep is your only option; besides the tower itself the approach to Ordiniran is full of tough beasts as well so by the end you really could use a rest.  The simple solution would have been to delete this empty basement, but I added a trapdoor to it instead; There is also a bit of a reward in that basement once you finally have slain the remaining creatures.
I added also some more furnishings and empty containers to the Tower so that you could use it as a base and rest, that's it.

Kudanat Cave is a bandit hide out north of Caldera near the path to Gnaar Mok. I learned in a forum that there is a chest hidden behind a waterfall over a pool that is inaccessible the way it was placed by Bethesda. After years of playing Morrowind I did not even know it was there.
I have simply moved the waterfall and chest just enough so that you can reach it now through the waterfall, but you have to waterwalk or levitate to get on the ledge before it. Nothing else has been altered in this cave!

The Vassir Didanat Cave is supposed to be a "lost" ebony mine that no one knows about according to Lore, yet it's entrance is in plain sight of a main path. I planted some vegetation in front of it so that it looks overgrown and a bit more hidden. If you never been to it it may make it more fun looking for it. It is located near the lower Odai not far off the path from the Odai rope bridge to Pelagiad. There is a pretty good reward if you report its location to Velanda Omani who lives on her plantation east of Vivec, after you harvest some ebony of course.
Alternatively Dram Bero in the haunted manor in St Olms plaza will give a sweet reward as well. Nothing was altered in the interior!

Installation: One esp only, unzip into your Morrowind Data folder and check its box in the Data load menu.
Esp was cleaned with Enchanted Editor.

Compatibility: No known issues; of course if you run a mod that alters any of the three mentioned locations then you may have issues.

 Credit: Thanks to Bethesda for creating the Construction set concept and the Elder Scrolls!

Legal stuff: As usual use at your own risk, author takes no responsibility for anything that happens after installation of this esp file!

Special Note:
I will upload all my mods from "yesteryear" to the Nexus over the next few weeks. All these mods I created as "Thondur" and were previously hosted only on "Planet Elder Scrolls" where they have been sitting for years. All my mods are also available at Morrowind Modding History, a really great archival site for Morrowind mods you should check it out! Please understand that for now the mods are presented "as is" and I do not mod for Morrowind at the moment; in fact it has been so long that I do not even remember how I did some things I created in these mods. If there are any Bugs they will have to wait or you have to fix them yourself. Fair warning. It is my hope to "get back into the game" as it were one of these days as I still care a great deal for this great game. While I mod and play mostly in Skyrim now, Morrowind will always have the strongest emotional connection with me. Exploring it for the first time is an experience that will stay with me forever. I hope that you will
enjoy some or all of my mods in your game, Cheers,