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A small beginner home just outside the gates of Balmora on the Odai river

Permissions and credits
                           Kursan is happy to give you 
                                 House on the Rock 
                 a starter player home created by Darkelf

From the original mod page:
"Here we go, another Balmora house mod, BUT... this mod has some special significance. The aforementioned significance being that it is my first mod in god knows how long, and it takes me back to my beginnings seeing as it is build in the same spot my first ever mod was constructed. I built this small house as a simple home for a friend and is meant to be for the beginning or discreet adventurer. It gives the player no additional equipment other than a low level alchemy set and a few
alchemical ingredients. It is located on the tiny island in the river just south of Balmora."

This mod is probably dependent on Tribunal and Bloodmoon; will confirm later.