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                           Kursan is proud to give you 
                           The Serendipitous Traveler 
                    (Serendipitous-The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.)

This mod with the convoluted name was the last mod I made for Morrowind; what exactly is it? The idea behind the mod really is to allow for a "vagabond" play style if you will, where you can sleep and even live out of barns as you travel and can if you so choose avoid paying Inns and maybe even avoid the law... hence the name. I had more plans for it but as is I believe it still to be a very useful and enjoyable mod with three distinct features; the first and main feature of this mod places a barn-stable in or near every Imperial fort or outpost on Vvardenfell and Solstheim (Seperate esp included, which relies on Bloodmoon).  Besides the driving reason for this mod, Imperial Forts having supply and horse barns just made sense.
For a list of barn locations see the very detailed Read Me.
All barns have one thing in common, they all have a hay-loft in which you can sleep and store things, accessible over an open interior staircase, and horses or Guars can be stabled. Every Barn is unique in small details, and three have an interior cell to give shelter from the weather, the others are leaky...

Second feature is that Fort Pelagiad also has a new smithy in its yard, which started this mod, in addition to the barn. Right now the smith only repairs and buys. I had planned to add weapons for sale and unique dialogue in future, not sure this will happen now.
A few locations had additional custom wooden stairs to the ramparts added. Some Barns have Easter eggs, some obvious and some harder to spot but worth the search...

The third feature makes the Attic of Muriels Tavern in Sadrith Mora livable. I had wanted to do this for some time and decided to include it in this mod since it is a fairly minor addition. There is now a boarding house in the attic and you can stay there for free. There are fliers posted in the Tavern explaining why. (As you might know that Tavern has many exterior windows, but a very small interior with no rentable room, which always bothered me).

Read the Read Me file for extensive compatibility listings and more details!

I recommend to use NMM via manual download, that is download manually to desktop then use NMM to install from there; or download manually and extract the files in the folder to the corresponding files in the Morrowind Data folder.
Cleaned with Enchanted Editor. See read-me for complete listing of Credits and Compatibility notes.

A special thanks to Barabus who gave us the amazing Imperial Buildings resource, which this mod draws from.
I hope you enjoy visiting all the barns and let me know any issues you may find.

Changelog: V-1.1
Fixed the "Hotel California" effect in the Frostmoth Barn where you could enter but not leave.

I made V-1.1b (formerly named TST_SOL_V1) a separate zip file for Bloodmoon users and removed it from the original file.

I added the missing texture for the Haypile to the Texture folder. All textures should install directly to you Texture folder.

I created a separate Meshes folder for the Barabus meshes, install it to your Meshes folder and that should correct any path problems.

The haypile is from "Pegas Horse Ranch" and credit for its creation belongs to "AcidBasic" I believe who contributed to that mod.

Special Note:
I will upload all my mods from "yesteryear" to the Nexus over the next few weeks. All these mods I
created as "Thondur" and were previously hosted only on "Planet Elder
Scrolls" where they
have been sitting for years. All my mods are also available at Morrowind Modding History, a really great site for Morrowind mods you should check it out!
Please understand that for now the mods are presented "as is" and I do not mod for Morrowind at the moment; in fact it has been so long that I do not
even remember how I did some things I created in these mods. If there are any Bugs they will have to wait or you have to fix them yourself. Fair warning. It is my hope to "get back into the game" as it were one of these days as I still care a great deal for this great game. While I modand play mostly in Skyrim now, Morrowind will always have the strongest emotional connection with me. Exploring it for the first time is an experience that will stay with me forever. I hope that you will enjoy some or all of my mods in your game, Cheers,