Former Hlaalu Outpost - West Gash Region by VvardenfellTribez
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House Hlaalu, desiring a clearer view of the activities of their rivals in House Redoran, constructed a sturdy garrison in the remote West Gash Region as a base of operations for emissaries and spies. However, their ploy was uncovered in short order by the cunning Redorans, and the project was abandoned with haste, and the site declared off-limits to all. A lone guard is stationed at the site to dissuade any vying travelers. However, he's sick of the job and hasn't heard from his bosses in months, so he might be willing to sell you the place for a quick buck... if you're Hlaalu. If not, get lost, n'wah!

Inside you will find a few foes who have taken up residence in the absence of the Hlaalu garrison. The scout captain also had quite a large collection of rare books... they're now all yours, of course :)
The outpost is located just over the hill from Rethandus Ancestral Tomb. You can see it from the entrance. That's me just seeing a cool-looking spot and going, oh yeah, I'll just build there, without checking around first :P
Enjoy the vistas of the beautiful West Gash region, retainer of House Hlaalu!

Fixes the following issues:
- some floating objects (let me know if you see any more that bother you enough! :P)
- fills out the blank note on the desk
- adds more dialogue
- you can no longer buy the house if you don't have the required gold :P