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Already included in Tamriel Rebuilt versions 1709 and later.

Converts the Mainland versions of TR's factions into the original Morrowind factions in TR 1612.

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Unless you're stuck with TR 1612 or want a UL compatibility patch (see optional files), you don't need this.


This patch merges mainland factions with the original ones in Tamriel Rebuilt 1612.

(Mainland Fighters/Mages/Thieves Guild, Imperial Cult, Tribunal Temple, House Telvanni, EEC)

You will be able to play their quests and progress in rank as if they had been added to the preexisting factions found on Vvardenfell.

Requires Tamriel Rebuilt version 1612.

You can access Temple duties in Ranyon-Ruhn after three mainland pilgrimages if you haven't completed the Seven Graces; Temple duties on Vvardenfell still require the Seven Graces pilgrimages.
House Telvanni now includes the six mainland councilors for Telvanni Hortator (vanilla main quest): you will need their votes or deaths, depending on your faction affiliations.
The East Empire Company gives assignments in Helnim, but only the Raven Rock division can promote you to Factor.
The Morag Tong and Imperial Legion are patched, but have no quests in TR at this time (you can only get the original game's writs in the mainland guildhalls for the Morag Tong).

Optional files:
will slightly increase the faction reputation requirements to advance to the 5 highest ranks, to balance the amount of new quests added.
Note for Telvanni: if you do not use this option nor any patches for the vanilla game, know that it is possible to get more advancement than intended during the Telvanni questline, and reputation from additional quests make it easier for this to happen. (If you get stuck before Archmagister, use the "Magister" topic. If you get stuck at Wizard, you just need to build a stronghold.)

patch for the TR addon included in Uvirith's Legacy 3.5. If you are using this faction unification mod you should be using TR 1612, so make sure to update the Uvirith's Legacy add-on (which is made for TR 1609) to 1612 with Wrye Mash. Also make sure this esp loads after Uvirith's Legacy and after the UL TR add-on in your load order.

will add Vvardenfell guild hall destinations (teleportation) to the Mages Guild guides on the Mainland, and will add the Firewatch and Akamora destinations to all guild guides on Vvardenfell. Does not remove any destinations from the original guild guides. Compatible with "TR Travels" which adds its own guild relay network, but will conflict with any mod editing guild guide destinations.

With saves:
If you have already played TR faction quests before loading this plugin, quest states will resume where you left them, but any credit towards rank advancement you had previously gained from completing quests will not transfer to the original factions. To remedy that, open the console and type "Startscript TR_ConvertFactionProgress" (without the quotes) then enter. If you have the corresponding MCP option activated, this will also remove the Mainland factions from the player's list. The process is not reversible, so keep a duplicate of your original savegame.
With other mods:
For factions other than Telvanni, quests from the original game are not edited, so any mod for the original factions that does not conflict with Tamriel Rebuilt and its landmass will still work with this plugin. For Telvanni, only the Telvanni Hortator part of the Main Quest is edited.
In addition, the NPCs in Tamriel Rebuilt will now be part of the original factions. This means that mods affecting factions as a whole can work on them too (for instance, most features in Arcimaestro Antares' Big Mod will now apply to TR NPCs). Quest mods that contribute to your progress in one of these factions (like Magical Missions for the Mages Guild) will correspondingly affect Tamriel Rebuilt, since they are the same faction. Mods that add a different version of a faction, like the Havish Thieves Guild, will have no impact.

Please do report any bugs on the discussion page,
The plugin only converts factions; for any issues related to the quests themselves or other areas of Tamriel Rebuilt, please refer to the TR bugtracker.

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Unless you're stuck with TR 1612 or want a UL compatibility patch (see optional files), you don't need this.