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A stand-alone dungeon area that will also be part of my Qestos City mod, when it's completed. Think of it as a demo :)

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Note: This isn't my best work honestly :P I will try and release a new version soon, but I'm currently bogged down with two different projects on the go haha. 

UPDATE: Now with non-overpowered version. Recommended only for high-level characters. However, you will actually be able to kill the enemies this time, without using god mode ;)
When installing the update, if you're using custom texture packs, don't overwrite anything in your textures folder otherwise things might look a little weird!

A stand-alone dungeon area that will also be part of my Qestos City mod, when it's completed. Full of Daedra and Dwemer automatons, plus a few crazed wizards and a band of goblins. Think of it as a demo :)  To access this area, find the partially-buried golden "Magic Cup" near the Seyda Neen lighthouse. 

The final version will be tied in to the questline of Qestos City, which IS lore-friendly... sorta ;)

- To get inside the Sanctuary itself you'll need to get on top of the roof, as the front entrance is caved in. Either find a way to jump up there (you'll probably need an acrobatics level of at least 70) or use a levitation spell.  
- Sphere mesh and "elenbouc" textures created by Cam, author of the mod "Elendis"
- The external area is still a little bare, IMO. I'm working on adding a few more details. 
- None of the buttons, levers, cranks etc. actually do anything at the moment. It's all aesthetics for now.... basically just another cool place to kill enemies and get loot, for the time being... :P
- Low level or otherwise weak characters should avoid this place completely unless using god mode ;P
- The "books" included in this mod are just silly placeholders I wrote when I was stoned - not lore-friendly in the slightest :P
- You may use this mod and its content for whatever you wish :)