Utseeva's Unique Items and Creatures by Utseeva
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Unique Items and Creatures
by Utseeva

1. Description
2. Showcase Video
3. Installation
4. Uninstallation
5. Known Bugs and Issues
6. Credits
7. Changelog

1. This mod adds unique items and creatures to the game. (3 Creatures, 10 Amulets, 8 Weapons, 3 Misc Item, 2 Helmets)

2. Showcase Video of version 1.0 made by DEG
(darkelfguy) ( Really appreciated ;-] )

   These are self-invented items and creatures.
3. Put the "Utseeva's Unique Items and Creatures.esp" file, the "Icons" and the "Meshes" folders to the Data Files folder.

4. Delete the "Utseeva's Unique Items and Creatures.esp" file, the "Uts" folder, from the "Icons" and from the "Meshes" folder, in the Data Files folder.

5. Let me know, if you found any bugs.

6. Alaisiagae: Amulet of Rebirth, icon and meshes.
    Yar-Yulme: Creature, Clothing, Misc Item, Weapon and Armor icons and meshes.
    Utseeva (me): Stats of the Items and Creatures. NPCs.

7. - Placed two guards to the merchant in Suran.
    - Moved the Bloodbane, Impaler, Helm of The Scrib Queen, Dragonknight(it's Protect of Ebonheart now, with
      an enchantment) and Amulet of Rebirth to different places.
    - The two dwarven amulets had the same enchantments, now both of them have their own enchantments.
    - Added a new NPC, Madwoman, who will have the Helm of the Scrib Queen, which also has an enchantment
    - Lowered most of the items' value.

Thank you for reading.