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Behold! The Empire has taken the work of the blasphemous Dwemer and used it to benefit all of Tamriel. The North Empire Rail Service would only be possible with the guidance and wisdom of the Septim Dynasty, but what secrets does it hold?

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Praise be to the Septim Dynasty!

Since 3E368 the North Empire Rail Service (or NERS for short) has been committed to unifying Tamriel. Thanks to the NERS, Ancient Dwemer machines known as Locomotives have been refurbished, refitted, and restored to serve the Empire's needs. With rumors of an Imperial City expansion underway, soon all of the Empire will be connected. Mundane travel has never been faster! But what secrets does this labyrinthine network of rails hold? Is the Empire's attempt at connecting the world a symbol of unity and progression, or perhaps a symbol of inevitable internal collapse? Who seeks to benefit from a united Tamriel, and who will end up having to pay the price? That's up to you to discover...

The Elder Scrolls III - Empire is an attempt at a fanmade expansion, using a variety of custom assets and unique locations. You'll be able to use the North Empire Rail Service (or NERS for short) as a form of quicktravel across Morrowind in the cities of Gnisis, Ebonheart, and Dagon Fel. The adventure doesn't end there though, as the NERS acts as a hub for you to visit the cities of Warsu-Eperu, Snowhawk, Dragonstar, Wayrest, and Dak'fron. You'll see exotic locales from the menagerie of environments that the Empire has set up stations in. Scorching deserts with massive rocky monuments, cold quiet mountain towns, a city on the brink of civil war, a massive subterranean slum, and an ancient trading hub full of nobles. New books, new weapons, new ingredients, new locations, new cities, new dungeons, new quicktravel system, new player homes, and more!

This mod is currently in an early Alpha state. It currently can function perfectly fine as a new quicktravel system in Morrowind, but as of right now the added cities have interiors and exteriors completed, but no NPCs. This means that while you can currently explore almost all of the content of the mod, there are no quests and NPCs are limited to the stations themselves. I've been working on this mod by myself for 2-3 years and it's been a labor of love. If you're interested in helping me complete it, please let me know. I have quest and dialogue documents already written up, it's just the tedious matter of implementing them. I'm also interested in any feedback, as this is technically speaking my first Morrowind Mod.

Compatibility wise there should be very few issues. I've only changed vanilla content in Ebonheart, Fort Darius, Dagon Fel, and a small bit of Red Mountain. I'll be making patches for popular mods when the final release is out.