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Better Dwemer Coin V1.1 by Frik

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Dwemer Coin Replacement V1.1 by Frik

This is a texture, mesh and icon replacement for the Vanilla Morrowind Dwemer Coin.

The vanilla mesh was scaled up x2 to allow for a size befitting of a proper Dwemer coin, rather than the puny little coin included in vanilla Morrowind. The texture has also been recolored with a copper/brass like tone. The texture resolution has been increased for higher detail, but would in no way affect frame rate. The idea for the face image used in this mod came from the following skyrim mod:


While the texture image is similar, it is not the same texture.


Copy the following 3 folders into your "Data" folder:

***WARNING***: Files for the original Dwemer coin will be overwritten so ensure your Data folder is backed up before installing this mod.

No other files (i.e. esp) are required. This is a replacement mod only.

Sample images of Dwemer coins, and the Dwemer coin icon, are included.