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A Peak made by a smuggler who was seeking a new life

But now that man is gone and all that is left is this piece of heaven

Will the Sea claim it or will someone else come along ?

Permissions and credits
[Grammar may still suffer so pretend I had some Nord Mead again]

9/26/2016 - new edit [ not as intoxicated this time]

-The Amazing Story

Smugglers Peak , a hand crafted home  from what was saved from a sunken ship with only one survivor , seeking a new life the individual made this heaven
in hopes to escape ones  past but alas that smuggler is now gone and only the Overhangs remain maybe the sea will claim it as its own
maybe the smuggler will return and find a new face and have a nice drink or peace has finally had been granted one is never too sure
- Location

[The Place can be found to the Yansirramus Shrine during night time it is easier to see , its also nearby the Telvanni towers for convenience sake ]

[Not a Quest this is just a Home Mod , I just like to add tiny stories you know for role-play] 

[ there is no map marker nor anything else aside adding notes on the local map so you better take *IRL* note or have a good memory]

[trully a immersive location]

- Known Issues:

-The home is in the Exterior thus meaning if you sleep or rest chances are you will get a visitor from Cliff racers to mostly anything but as
 you have great reflexes you will always awaken in full combat mod [ due
 to my amazing skills the npcs may spawn on top of the overhangs so you
 may wanna jump on em or shoot them with arrows to resume your rest
 [unless you enjoy the company]

- I have not tried this with companions and I never had plans to bring any it was mostly a one mans heaven [ you are welcome to try thoe]

- I do not use any Overhaul mods so if you use Morrowind Rebirth or anything that may alter that area you will expirience issues with the location

[ A Fix is planned ]

The Home Features:

-Minimum Storage being a few crates and chests 
-Nice Feelings during night time [may be romantic if you got a companion]
-View of the Sea and many many rocks that may or may not be nice
-A Not so Safe Heaven as your rest may be awoken from your ancient slumber
-Some Really Well Hidden Pieces  [amazingly well hidden 100%]
-Some things for you to find nothing special sadly

- This Home was Made Because I was a dumbass who forgot to bring a few potions along the long way

Bethesda - cool dawgs
The Construction Kit - saving me on long journeys
My Brain - Doing something for once

[ If this mod if by chance had rustled yer jimmies due to lore or any other reason please drink a beer or wank off to calm down]