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A quest mod based around my pharlan race, but playable by all races, which includes a floating town, research center, companions, factions, new armors and three playable races. While not technically TES lore friendly it is designed to blend into existing TES lore. Great bonuses for all races but especially beast races and a walkthrough is available

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What would happen if a new and strange race suddenly appeared in Morrowind? 
The way of the Talon quest mod is about my pharlan race and how they interact with the people and factions already in Morrowind. The mod contains it's own lore as well as melding into existing lore. It's playable by all races and what race you are determines some of the outcomes of the mod.

  • -Splitting main quest - evil and good sides
  • -Puzzles
  • -Nasty Baddies to beat up
  • -Interesting but reasonably balanced rewards
  • -Several companions (love interests for pharlan characters)
  • -Companion friendly transport system (covers both expansions)- now instantaneous.
  • -Three new sets of armor - with boots for beasts AND human races (Note - don't equip the beast boots if you're not a beast race or you will crash the game.)
  • -Several houses available for the PC - from huge to small.
  • --lots of side quests
  • --pharlan lore - lore books, dialogue etc.
  • --shunt for BM mainquest - pharlans can do Hircine's side without being a werewolf (version 2.1 fixes some issues with these quests)
  • --partial faction quest and faction subquest for very noble/good/paladin characters
  • --beastly versions (ankles only) of virtually all the standard armors.
  • --now requires BOTH expansions
  • -Many of the quest outcomes are also dependant on YOUR CHOICES, so keep that in mind as you play- save and re-load to try different options if you seem to be stuck.
  • 3 new sets of armor (2 light and 1 medium) - retextured from standard MW and tribunal meshes- now with beast footshields and human boots.
  • New BB2 compatible clothing (re-textures) - pants and shirts for GUYS this time.
  • A Floating town - new shops, taverns, hostel, temple, visitor's center and fort
  • A new companion friendly transport system
  • Tons of new NPCs to interact with (currently up to over 180 pharlan NPCs (plus a number of new non-pharlan NPCs)
  • Vampire friendly - except for the faction quests

WARNING - if you are not playing a beast race do not equip beast boots or Morrowind will CTD. Human boot versions of the armors are available.

See the mod website for more information

A walkthrough is available here.