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Replaces the models and textures for Azura, as well as the vision that she gives you at the end of the main quest.

Permissions and credits
Prince of Moonshadow - Azura Creature and Cinematic Replacer
Author: Saint_Jiub

Although you get a pretty sweet ring out of the deal, overall the meeting with Azura at the end of Morrowind's main quest is just kind of disappointing. After all this buildup, especially with the lore describing the beauty of both her personage and her realm, she's just a cranky old Dunmer in a poofy dress. And even with mods installed, the cinematic that plays during her appearance begins and ends with an extreme close-up of her pruney face. 
Until now.
This mod replaces Azura's in-game model, and also gives you a brand new, high resolution cinematic reflecting her newfound glory. It stays true to the general feel of the original, but does use some new imagery that tie more to her character and what she is actually saying (so at "Doomed Dwemer's folly", for instance, there's a shot of a Dwemer ruin. I know, call me crazy.

Robert's Bodies (relies on Robert's body textures for Azura so you need to have the textures installed, but the mod will work regardless of whether you are using BB or Robert's as a general replacer)
Morrowind Code Patch

Drag and drop the contents of this archive to your Morrowind/Data Files folder. You will need to go into the Videos folder, back up the original mw_end.bik, and rename one of the three videos, depending on your monitor's aspect ratio. I have included options for 960x720(4:3), 1280x720(16:9), and 1152x720(16:10) resolutions.

The scenes in the video would not be possible without the texture and mesh work of Morrowind's fantastic modders - if I've left you out, please let me know so I can add you to this list.

ivolga (Dunmer Noble Overhaul)
Westly (Unique Winged Twilights)
moranar & Robert (Robert's Bodies)

Hrnchamd (MGE XE)
starwarsgal9875 (Skies IV & Concept Art Ghostfence Replacer)
Tyddy (Telvanni, One True Faith, Dying Worlds, Daedric Ruins, Full Dwemer Replacer)
ChampionOfHircine (Telvanni Mesh Improvement, Dwemer Mesh Improvement)
connary (various textures)
Colt17 & the Resdayn Revival Team 

Additional thanks go to Chesko for the inspiration for this mod and for providing some technical tidbits which helped get me on the right track, and of course, Bethesda.