Heaven's Lookout Compilation by AndyGuy
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Last updated at 19:43, 6 Aug 2016 Uploaded at 19:43, 6 Aug 2016

Heaven's Lookout Compilation

aka Unoffical Heavens Lookout 1.1

Original mod by AndyGuy, compiled by Bahamut

-Morrowind GOTY
-Better Bodies

Original mods description:
This mod adds a unique fortress to Morrowind.  It is located high above Vvardenfell and can only be reached through a magical ring found ontop of the Northern Balmora guard tower.  
The fortress contains two shops, which sell weapons, sheaths, wings and clothes for Better Bodies.

-Original Heaven's Lookout
-Rise of Fallen teaser sword+cloak (to bad the full mod was never released, its really shame because of nice models it had)
-Azriel the Merchant mod

Changes from original mods:
-Added sheath and strap for Angelus sword
-Added sheath and strap for Dark Guyver's sword
-Wearable dark Guyvers Armor
-Moved Azriel from Balmora guard Tower to the Lookout itself

-Skinning glitches
-Scripts behaving in unwanted manner

-AndyGuy the original author
-Hellwolve: script work
-Daduke: rings & amulets
-Big_Feef & Cabron: Stats

Change log
1.1 Initial release