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Last updated at 3:35, 6 Aug 2016 Uploaded at 1:32, 6 Aug 2016

FYI Huntman182 is old. I'm now using Zipp. I wish I could change my name on here but whatever ;)

This mod will allow you to buy furniture (misc items) from a newly added shop and drop them where ever you like!  You can drop then and pick them up as many times as you want from the menu.  When you're satisfied, close the menu and it will be "semi-locked in".  After you place the furniture you can place items directly on the furniture as you would with a regular static.  If you accidentally click on your furniture when you try to pick up an item that was sitting on it, (depending on if the menu is opened or closed) it will :

(menu closed) open a dialogue box to ask you if you meant to pick it up or if it was a slip of the finger.

(menu open) do nothing until you close the menu, at which point it will open a dialogue box to ask you if you meant to pick it up or if it was a slip of the finger.

** Beds will also give you the option to sleep of course.

I'm super OCD with certain things and in this game I feel like I need to collect everything.  I felt like the 'perfect house' didn't exist.  There are houses that I like but I don't like the way the furniture is set up.  All I wanted to do was move a bookcase and maybe add a couple more bookcases.  I couldn't find any such mod that accomplished my desires. That's why I decided to make this.  It suits my needs quite well and I hope others can benefit from it too.

The following is funtionality from vanilla Morrowind (Not this mod) but I think it's useful in conjuction with this mod :

To clean up garbage statics (unmovable bones, useless boxes without lids, poorly placed bookcases, random dirt piles inside buildings), I just open the console > click on the static that I don't like > type "disable" (without the quotes) > hit enter > close the console > and poof it's gone.

** Note that sometimes you may have to use tcl to fly behind the static or get some other wierd angle to be able to select it.  (just type tcl in the console and hit enter.  When finished, open the colsole again, type tcl, and hit enter again)

To replace the static with the furniture of your choice, you'll have to find the furniture store ;)

I'll post a picture of the shop so you kind of know where to look but I don't want to say it's location outright and spoil the immersion.  I'll upload a separate text file that tells you where it is... download that one as well if you don't care to search ;)