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A store in Gnisis stocking a variety of items.

Permissions and credits
Gnisis Imperial Trader
DAWW Crankgorilla

This mod adds a store to Gnisis, in the foothills to the left of the pavilion.

A merchant with 8g will see to most things. There's another trader inside the store selling ingredients under the guise of a hunter. He has some scripted items in an animated chest. His money is less so for ingredients there's room for another better trader elsewhere. The 8g for the main trader will be good for regular use but is not more uber than the mudcrab. Not tested their disposition too much but it's probably close to neutral. Both traders have a combined total of 45 lines of dialog which is triggered each time you greet in random assignment.

Also in random assignment is what the main merchant will sell. Out the back is a variety of crates which are leveled list crates. That means the get assigned random stuff when the area loads. There are some set items as well, new things like tapestries or decorative items which have scripts for accurate placement. The script needs Tribunal. There's potions and a new ingredient and plant. There's also a globe of Morrowind and mounted heads and lanterns for light and rare gemstones and paintings and plants for sale to decorate your home.

If you need a home and would like one with an aquarium and all the trimmings of luxurious medieval happiness, one can look at another of my mods Moonmoth Legion Home.

Various bits of odds and sods. Not heavy on weapons this time, all that will be through leveled list. So he's more of a general trader, probably the most cashed up in Gnisis. There needed to be someone attached to the Legion by now who was wealthy. I'm happy to adjust anything if another wanted to also do a business on the hillside so as to not include so much. Perhaps if someone wanted to an armourer for Gnisis, I could cut that from his service list, as example. At the moment it fills many niches.

If you need more items in your Morrowind, try my Enhanced Economics mod which will add hundreds of interesting items to the leveled lists.

Hmm, what else? There's some included things to do, scripted things and repeatable opportunities for payment. All the associated scripts can be looked at for modders and the resources within used in other mods. Credits are included for ease of tracking and can be updated if any missing. If one wants to use the items as is, ID and all that's fine but if any changes are made, change the ID so it doesn't over-ride my settings. It would be good too as I'll be doing another mod not related to merchantry, so the items may float around somewhat, as they would in a trade environment.

- No landscape/terrain adjustments.
- All Id's (95%)are grouped under the xxgt_whatever_item_01 sort of format for ease of editing.
- All speech limited to the greeting 1 category and only to that character.
- Cleaned with MW Enchanted Editor.
- Packaged with TESfiles and Winzip.
- All resource readme included in Credits folder. Feel free to use then in your own mods, details are in original readme included.

Credits folder included in package with original readme files and permissions.

Download all these to add to your collection. What is used within this mod is the tip of the iceberg. Many prop pieces to choose from.

Animated Chests - Dongle
Barabus Graveyard - Barabus
Blademaster - Fidel
Labelled Bottle Resource (Absinthe) - Korana
Document Items Resource - Alaisiagae
Don Salus Faces - Don Salus
Dracus Umbrella Pack - Dracus
Elderly NPC Heads - TheSiriusSnape
Famous Paintings - MJY
KEY Medallions - Clavis
Lore Friendly Libations - Rougetet
MJY Mesh Pack #11 - MJY
Mounted Heads - HollowFang
Nimrod's Shopsigns - Nimrod Flamehair
Norse Tapestries - Craigor
Parsimonius Meshes - Adele and Shannon -
Phijama's Bow Resource - Phijama
Somanlius Plant - Midgetalien
Stained Glass Lanterns - Pawprint Express - [email protected]

Gnisis Imperial Trader Version 1.0

Thanks to everyone, enjoy!