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You Heard a Rumor about a home near Hla Oda being oddly mysterious and keen to be investigated

they say *Follow the Light to a crashed vessel and then follow the seas but one must have the key to her heart*

Permissions and credits
[Apologies for the grammar beer or no beer my head is a mess]

While grabbing Morrowind once more after a long time I noticed something....
I had 42 Billion Items in my backside and I had nowhere to store them
So Today , gents , ladies and others I present to you a new house mod in a nexus that is amazingly still alive
[Edit Need alot more Space]

Edit : 8/11/2016

V 2.1.1  Final Release and Mostly Fixed , its not perfect not good even a little , but its something

The Lone Mercenary v2.1.1 Home

 Features the Following :

- A House in the Middle of a Swampy Area
- Top-ish main floor
- A Basement to Store everything and anyone you please
- Crates , Lots of em
- An Amazing Feeling where you have no Sleeper Agents in the close Vicinity
- A lovely location
- The Crates may contain some weapons and armor but not all are that amazing
- Most Bugs are Fixed so you can play as long as you please
- The File is an ESP. so you can edit as you please but do Credit me as the guy who made this [ there are error messages that pop dont know how to fix]
- I wanted to do alot more but time hates me , so this is Final [ for now ]

  How To Find The Damn Place

- The Home can be found via following the Lights and a crashed vessel may aid you , the water shall let you see the truth

   [or just find that old ship near Hla Oda and follow the path upwards , or left just Look around damn it]

  Future Plans
- Fix the Bloody Bugs as soon as possible

I may update this in the future

May move to others titles thoe

Edit : 8/10/2016....Nope Sticking to Morrowind , Doom and any other old game from 20 year ago

Credits Due :

That Bethesda  that Made Morrowind  before they fell to the dark side
The Construction Kit that one girl you always stare at , and then you find out she a furry
A thanks to that one Enclave guy to reminded me to actually finish this damn thing

Problems / Errors
This file can Cause Extreme Backside Pains to those too sensitive , please visit the closest nfsw rated site in your internet history and calm down