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Find Aetherium in ore veins and upgrade old Dwemer equipment in the new Forge in Nchardumz.
- xander2077's New Dwemer Armor mod used as the base armor model.
- lautasantenni's Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation for Skyrim used as design inspiration.

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"Aetherium Forging"
By Grond1911
Version: 1.61

Version History
1.61 - December 16, 2017
Miscellaneous tweaks and fixes.
 + Cast-on-strike cost for weapons further lowered from a base of 3 to 2 to allow more uses before requiring a recharge
 + Replaced throwing axe mesh with one that spins when thrown, as an axe should
 + Added 'recipe list' for convenience. Added to player inventory when first interacting with the forge control panel (or use "player->additem gr_forgerecipes 1" in the console)
 + Item requirement messages are now properly given for multi-part recipes if you lack a part
 + You are now placed back at the top of the ladder leading down to the forge if you lack the strength to open it (you could fall down and get stuck before)
 + Any risk of value underflow with the helm and cuirass bonuses should be fixed

1.6 - August 12, 2016
Various tweaks and improvements.
 + Did a little adjusting to some enchantments
 + Cast-on-strike cost for weapons lowered from a base of 5 to 3 to allow more uses before requiring a recharge
 + Amulet now gives you a nice (but costly) restorative spell while worn
 + The staff's conjured centurion spider works better now: 1.It should no longer vanish and not return on some cell transitions; 2.It can now use a poison attack; 3.It disappears (and its drain on magicka is halted) when the staff is lowered (i.e. not drawn)
 + Very subtle improvements to the appearances of a few items

1.51 - July 12, 2016
A fairly minor update.
 + Made random Aetherium Crystals slightly more common, and hand-placed 4 more in the game world, since there are more things to forge than in v1.0
 + tweaked the enchantments on spear and longspear
 + changed the javelin & throwing axe recipes to give many more, but with an added Scrap Metal x3 requirement
 + increased staff attack range from 1.5 to 1.8 and made subtle improvements to the staff mesh
 + tilted the throwing axe mesh so that it flies upright instead of on its side
 + adjusted the order of items in the crafting interface
 + improved a few icons

1.5 - July 10, 2016
A fairly significant update.
 + several new weapons added (required adding Tribunal dependency)
 + enchantments are toned down a fair bit for balance
 + a few items have altered enchantments or other minor changes
 + str./int. requirements to access the Forge were lowered

1.0 - July 8, 2016:
Initial release.

Find Aetherium in ore veins and upgrade old Dwemer equipment in the new Forge in Nchardumz.
- xander2077's New Dwemer Armor mod used as the base armor model. url:
- lautasantenni's Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation for Skyrim used as design inspiration. url:

<<< Notes about acquiring the new equipment >>>
To keep characters who are fresh off the prison boat from getting the full complement of powerful new gear too quickly, it was necessary to add some requirements to the process.

1. You will need to collect the appropriate component items to forge the new gear.
a) Each piece of Aetherium gear requires exactly one Aetherium Crystal, found rarely in ore veins, to craft. Scour the dozen or so mines scattered across Vvardenfell for them, and the Raven Rock mine if you the have Bloodmoon expansion.
 There are also 15 crystals pre-placed in the game world (often in 100-point-locked chests) that you may want to search for if you have trouble finding enough in ore veins.
b) An (unenchanted!) Dwarven/Dwemer weapon or armor piece is also required to craft its Aetherium counterpart.*
 Good places to find multiple pieces at once are Odrosal (within the Ghostfence), Mudan Grotto (some distance southwest of Ebonheart), Tel Vos - Central Tower (must be stolen), Bamz-Amschend (Tribunal expansion), and the Corprusarium of Tel Fyr (full set of armor and a war axe, in an 80-point locked closet--must be stolen). There are also several NPCs in Ald-ruhn - Venim Manor with full or near-full sets of armor.
*In most cases. However, a few items can be made with Scrap Metal and/or Dwemer Tubes, or Aetherium Crystals alone.

2. You will have to pass a few (one-time) skill checks to access the Forge.
a) A locked (75 points) and trapped door.
b) A rusty trapdoor hatch that requires Strength of 100 or greater to open. You might want to take one or two jugs of Sujamma.
c) An Intelligence score of at least 50 to "figure out" the Forge's controls. You might need some Fortify Intelligence potions.

3. You will also be required to defeat a fairly tough opponent within the Forge area. He has a "freebie" Aetherium Crystal on his corpse.

<<< Notes about the optional 'Medium Armor' plugin >>>
This is the same as the main plugin, except that all the new armor pieces have been weight-reduced from Heavy to Medium, and their health and gold values also reduced proportionately.
 Note that you should probably avoid switching the plugin you are using while carrying any of the new armor pieces, or your encumbrance value might get messed up by the unexpected weight change.

Morrowind and Tribunal

1. drag & drop the "Data Files" folder from within the "Main installation files" folder into your main Morrowind folder and choose Yes when prompted to move/copy contents of the "Data Files" folder.
1b. do likewise with the contents of the "Optional..." folders if desired.
2. run the "Morrowind Launcher" program.
3. click on the "Data Files" section.
4. find "gr_AetheriumForging.esp" in the list of mods and tick the box next to it (slowly type 'g' repeatedly if you can't find it easily).
5. click the "OK" button. The mod should now be active whenever you run the game.

NOTE: Unnecessary when updating from 1.6 to 1.61
You should de-equip any of the items with 'constant effect' enchantments first, save the game, then upgrade. Otherwise you may end up with damaged skills (displayed in red text). However, you can still fix them if this happens by using 'Restore Attributes' at an Imperial Cult Altar, or 'Almsivi Restoration' at a Shrine of the Tribunal.
 Or, if visiting an altar is inconvenient for some reason, you can fix your skills by clicking on any object in the console (so that its i.d. appears in the window title) and entering the following commands if needed:
 cast "restore other" player
 cast "restore stealth" player
 cast "restore mage" player
 cast "restore fighter" player
 cast "restore attributes" player
Tip: press the up arrow key while in the console to return to something you typed previously--saves some typing.

!!!Also, be sure to copy over and replace all the files when upgrading, not just the plugin file!

Load Order
I recommend that this mod loads after any other that is likely to edit ore rock (ebony, glass, diamond) leveled lists. Beyond that, it shouldn't matter.

Any mod that edits the following leveled lists: [random_diamond], [random_ebony], [random_rawglass] will conflict with this mod, so you should ensure this mod loads after it so my changes take precedence (because Aetherium Crystals appear in these leveled lists, and you can't make the new equipment without them!).

Recommended Mod(s)
The following mods are not required but are recommended for the sake of visual consistency:
xander2077's New Dwemer Armor mod:
My own edits to the above mod:

Modify my mod, but please document the changes you make to it, and credit me as the original creator.
Incorporate its assets, etc. into your own mod, but give due credit (xander2077 made the armor meshes, NOT me!), if you would be so kind.

Thanks to xander2077 for his New Dwemer Armor mod which was used as the base armor model.
Thanks to lautasantenni for his Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation for Skyrim which was used as design inspiration.
Thanks to Reizeron for the animated throwing weapon mesh.
Thanks to cola28 for giving me the idea to make this mod.
Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.
Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.
Thank God I got this into a releasable state :)