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Stalhrim Armors&Weapons Pack for Symphony Project.

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Stalhrim Armors&Weapons Pack.
- ver 1.1
- bsa archive


 - 3 new type of the Stalhrim Armors.
*But You can get only Two type at once. 
( - blue medium set are make by Nords) 
( - green lightweight set are make by Karnius) 
( - red heavy set can be found by Trade Company`s quest) 

- 3 new weapons set
 Like the Armors.  

 - added more new Stalhrim`s weapons
(arrow, thrown spear, axe, long spear, staff, claymore, broadsword)
(It`s can be found in some NPC\CREA`s inventory)
*If You are using the Patches who restored\added new dialogue options for that Topics, You will be able to got a new weapons. Like the Stalhrim Spear and Short Sword. 

 - Stalhrim`s ore-deposit now have the animation.

 - new scripts with few Surprises.

- Added a special version of the armors for Argonians with warm ankle and tail armor details. 
Also, they got the open helmets for better compatibilities with they faces.

Ver 1.1
- fixed Blue Stalhrim Shield
- added Stalhrim Staff

This plugin is  high recommended to used with the Symphony project!
This plugin is ended the Work on changing the Weapons. Now all Weapons have a new models!
- It`s a standalone plugin and doesn't required Symphony resourses.
 - New Game isn`t required.