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= by Natakiro | June 25, 2016 =

After I started the cliff racer companion mod, I decided that I should make my other favorite MW creature: the hulking fabricant.

This mod adds Arxis, a protective and obedient Hulking Fabricant, ready to follow you on your journeys. You can find him if you exit south of Balmora, follow the stream west, and he'll be under the big mushroom (south of Tharys Ancestral Tomb)

This mod requires Morrowind and Tribunal. Extract the folder into your Morrowind directory and confirm any merging of folders. Make sure the ESP is selected in your plug-ins at start-up.

First, drop the "Arxis Command Ring" from your inventory. Then, simply delete the "Hulking Fabricant Companion.esp" file in "Data Files\", as well as deleting the "arxi" folder found in both "Data Files\Meshes\" and "Data Files\Textures\"

Basically the same thing as my Cliff Racer Companion, but with a few different features.

Arxis can use both Magick and standard physical attacks. He will prefer to use Magick by default, as it's ranged, but will also use melee occassionally. You can set him to only use melee, if you prefer, by using the "- Combat..." dialogue option and choosing the appropriate setting.

You do not need to worry about him dying or becoming useless with spells, as he is extremely self sufficient. (No one likes looking back and seeing their friend all dead. XD) He also has a companion share option, so feel free to weigh him down with all of your stuff. (Just for the record, he has access to a dimensional "bag of holding" where he keeps your items safe.) Arxis is also equipped with a Waterbreathing spell, so he can join you underwater. He will also levitate and Water Walk with you. ^^ He is small enough to fit through standard doorways without spazzing out.

Arxis may seem overpowered at lower levels, but he will hold his own well on higher levels and harder difficulty settings. (This is currently recommended for higher-leveled characters. I am thinking of making one for lower levels.)

If you ever lose him or he becomes unresponsive/stuck, just use the "Arxis Command Ring". If you somehow REALLY lose him, you can ring the black bell located at where you originally found him, south of Balmora, follow the stream west, and under the big mushroom (south of Tharys Ancestral Tomb)

The companion may sometimes get stuck in small areas. However, he should warp to you once you get far enough away. If you encounter any issues with him not cooperating, just equip the "Arxis Command Ring" and it should fix it right up.

I have noticed that this mod does not work well with "Horror Mod", but no followers I bring there function correctly in that. If you wish to play that mod, be sure to tell Arxis to stay put somewhere that is not involved with the Horror Mod (just leave him under that mushroom.) You should be able to have him follow you correctly if you don't even bring him to those areas.

= NOTE =
This mod is based off of "WOLF COMPANION VER 3.1" by Grumpy and Emma (free use as a template to rework is given) and uses some similar scripts. I made sure that it should not conflict with other companion mods, and hasn't conflicted with anything as of my testing.

You are free to edit/modify this mod, just do not claim it as your own. Please do NOT reupload this anywhere.

If you have any questions or comments that you would like to directly send to me, please email me at [email protected]


v1.0 (6/25/16)
- Initial Release