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Adds portable containers for the player's convenience.

Permissions and credits
Portable containers for most item types.
Many containers have automatic stashing/retrieval functions.
You can have as many instances of containers as you wish.
Containers correctly add weight based on their contents.
Containers can be assigned to quick-keys for easy access.
Narcotics can be hidden inside containers to bypass nosy merchants.
Soulgems can be put in containers to avoid being consumed by weak creatures.

                By Greatness7

Version: 1.2

-- Changelog --
Inventory tokens are no longer apparatus.
Other minor script tweaks/improvements.

Fixed a small dialogue typo.
Added unique base weights for containers.
Adjusted initial container burden calculations.
Cleaned a couple overlooked cell AMBI/WGHT settings.

IMPORTANT: If you are updating from a previous version, make sure to drop all containers from your inventory onto the ground before swapping plugins. You will get some script-related popups the first time you reload each container after updating, these are normal can be ignored - they will only appear once.


1.    Requirements
2.    Description
3.    Notes
4.    Permissions
5.    Installation
6.    Removal
7.    Incompatibilities
8.    Contact
9.    Credits

Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon
MWSE (v0.9.5-alpha.20151016 or later)

If you don't know whether you have the latest MWSE, chances are you do NOT.
At the time of this readmes creation, you can get it here:
Installation is simple assuming you're using MGE XE - just drop the MWSE.dll file into your root Morrowind folder.

This mod adds several new portable containers that can be used from within the player's inventory or from the worldspace via activation. Many of these containers have special features that allow you to transfer contents to/from the player with a single button.
You can purchase the containers from a new vendor in the "Vivec, Foreign Quarter Upper Waistworks" cell. Alternatively, if you don't feel like making the trip, you can spawn the containers with console commands. If you wish to do this please see the end of the notes section below.


Encumbrance is recalculated once you exit your inventory. Changes to weight from manipulating containers will not be reflected on the UI until you're done and have closed the menu screen. It should also be noted that Burden spells do not accept decimal magnitudes, so the total weight added will sometimes be slightly less than the containers true weight. Consider it the benefit of organization.

Any items that are inside your containers are no longer counted as being in the player's inventory. This means that quests using the GetItemCount function will not be able to detect them! On the upside, it also means any other MWSE mods which do intensive scanning of the player's inventory will need to go through far less items and as such will have less of an FPS impact. If you're doing a quest that involves a specific item, take it out of your container before talking to the related NPCs.

I've done my best to make this mod as bug free as possible. However, there's only so much that can be done with Morrowind scripting. One particular area that is hard to deal with here is when the player decides to give his containers to other characters, or put the containers inside other containers. In general the scripts should be aware of when you do this and prevent any bad things from happening. Trading the containers with other NPCs will usually just show a popup message and return them back to you. Stashing containers inside of other containers is impossible to prevent, but if you do so the scripts will try their best to inform you it's a bad idea stop you from continuing until it's undone. Just be sure to never to ctrl+click dispose on a corpse with a container inside!

Due to the engine limitations, sorting functions are only avaialable for item types that do not have unique reference data. I've added this restriction so that containers don't clear important information such as durability, charge, uses, etc. To put it simply, convenience features are restricted to ammo, books, ingredients, keys, potions, and scrolls. Everything else you will have to put into containers the old-fashioned way.

You could encounter problems with scripted items of the above mentioned types when using the stash/retrieve functions. This should be a very rare occurrence as modders don't often attach scripts to consumables, but scripts on books aren't entirely uncommon. Usually this won't be an issue and even with a load list of 250+ mods things went fine during testing. If you worried just don't use the stash/retrieve functions on books while the suspected scripted items are in your inventory.

Another limitation of the engine is that containers must be manually activated
at least once per load before they can be directly opened by scripts. As a result you will not be able to browse a container from within your inventory after reloading until you do so (aka drop it then pick it back up). This is alleviated somewhat by the stash/retrieve features which will always work. Still, this hassle can make carrying around many containers a chore and as such I recommend only carrying around those with extra features or those that you use most often - leave the rest at your home.

When sorting through insanely large inventories of books/scrolls you may encounter some strange engine bugs causing your inventory counts to show incorrect numbers (cause unknown). Usually this can be solved by opening and closing the browse window, but if it persists you will probably crash soon after.

-- Cheats --

If you want to add containers via the console, use the PlaceAtPC function, like so:

PlaceAtPC "g7_container_????" 1 1 1

Any of the following IDs will work:
g7_container_ALCH    (Potion Case)
g7_container_AMMO    (Ammunition Pack)
g7_container_ARMO    (Armor Crate)
g7_container_BOOK    (Book Bundle)
g7_container_CLOT    (Clothing Sack)
g7_container_INGR    (Ingredient Satchel)
g7_container_KEYS    (Keyring)
g7_container_LOCK    (Locksmith Kit)
g7_container_MISC    (Junk Collection)
g7_container_REPA    (Armorer Toolbox)
g7_container_SCRL    (Scroll Bag)
g7_container_SOUL    (Soulgem Pouch)
g7_container_WEAP    (Weapon Barrel)

The extra weight added to the player is calculated as:

( g7_container_weight * g7_container_mult )

g7_container_weight is the total weight of all items inside your container
g7_container_mult is a global variable that affects all containers (default 1.0)

If you want all your containers to be weightless, you could use the console command:

set g7_container_mult to 0

You may reuse the content provided in this mod for other Morrowind projects so long as you do not take money for them and you give credit to the original authors. Any use of the art assets should be credited to LondonRook with a link to his website (see credits section of this file).

Place the "Icons", "Meshes", and "mwse_Containers.esp" files into your "Morrowind\Data Files" directory.

Empty your containers of any items you wish to keep and drop them before saving your game. Then remove the "Icons\g7\o" and "Meshes\g7\o" folders and "mwse_Cotnainers.esp" file from your "Morrowind\Data Files" directory.

You can contact me through the official Morrowind forums.
( Link: )


Big thanks to LondonRook for creating all of the included art assets (icons/meshes)! Without him this mod would've been just a bunch of boring vanilla sacks. If you enjoy the art be sure to check out his other projects over at (he also streams at: )

Another huge thanks also to Nebrewiel, bugtester extraordinare, whom not only went to ridiculous detail in finding all the bugs I overlooked, but also provided the epic screenshots found on the Nexus page. If you enjoy watching Morrowind (or other RPGs), be sure to check out his stream as well:

Additional thanks to ...
    Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.
    Stuporstar, Nakashi, sveng, and various other forum members for ideas and insights into container scripting.
    Bethesda Softworks, of course, for giving us Morrowind.