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Be a bard! Play 40 different songs, sing you enemies to death, make a living singing, open an inn, travel with a companion...

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UPDATE: (download the separate hotfix, please)
- fixed the image in the songbook
- fixed an exploit in the 'teach me music' dialogue
- allows the bard to use the best lute. The jester is the only class that cannot master all lutes (he has all song books and can do all possible performances)
- fixed the headtracking (will override the change made by Abot's Gondoliers / boats / silt striders mod if this mod is loaded after)
- fixed the missing music sheet model
- more dialogue fixes (air lute, take Irullan in the wilderness)
- BM gloves fixed
- lowered level requirements to use lutes
- made spellsongs on target (no reason why a bard should sing to their enemies faces)

This mod covers many aspects of being a Bard in Morrowind.

As a bard, you may do the following:

Look like a bard holding a lute or carrying one on you back.(the lute auto-sheathes)

Play 40 different tunes because you like music.

Perform in inns to earn gold and based on your skill, get food and lodging as well.

You can sing and play the lute, play the drums, dance, juggle or tell jokes. How successful you are is dependent on your skills and attributes. (Largely inspired from the official Bethesda plugin The Entertainers)

Collect music sheets which in turn, teach you a spellsong.
Spellsongs are only available when you have the corresponding music sheet and a lute equipped.
They never fail and only cost half of the mana of their spell counterparts but will not improve you magic skills (Alteration, Restoration, etc)
Spellsongs will help your companions, cripple you enemies, some of them will also affect the player.
Bards in inns will teach you a song (for a fee, for helping them, for free)
Manors have music books, keep you eyes peeled for them
Hostile bards: in caves, dungeons, stronghold. Kill them and get the spellsong.
Leveled lists: tiny chance of finding a spellsong in crates and chests

Compose your own songs: As you get experience, you make create new Spellsongs using blank music sheets, a quill and an inkwell.
There are 10 new spellsongs

Collect playing lutes: Each Spellsong will become more efficient if played with better playing lutes.
They are displayed in various inns. If you fulfill the level requirement,
the bard experience requirement and a small quest, the lutes will be

Sing powerful songs. These cost no magicka at all and do not require a lute. They can however be used only once a day.
You need to acquire songbooks to unlock those powers.(there is a total of 5 Songbooks)

Open you own inn and gradually add new features to see new customers flock.
The more features you build, the more customers will appear.
The private quarters have ample themed storage, an alchemy lab, a scripted mannequin, a bathroom and space to display your instruments.
The basement has even more storage and hutches to display all glasses, cups, bottles and plates of the game.
Some patrons have quests
Monthly profits increase as you improve your inn.

Collect and display instruments in your private quarters.
Traders and pawnbrokers sometimes sell them.
Leveled list: sometimes found in crates and chests.
Talk to fellow bard to find out where you can buy a dozen new instruments.

Meet your fans: as you gain popularity and expand your inn, Npcs will recognise you and give you small gifts.

While all these features are open to any bards, spells, songs and performances vary depending on the bard package you choose.
5 new classes have also been created but they are optional and independent of the package you choose.

The Bard: the versatile performer
Bards are loremasters and storytellers. They crave adventure for the wisdom and insight to be gained, and must depend on spellsongs, potions, and enchantment to preserve themselves from the perils of their educational experiences.The Bard travels the land with his companions. Well versed in music and lore, he makes a living playing his lute in taverns. Even though he is lacking in combat skills, his music can strengthen companions or weaken enemies.
Choosing this class will make gameplay more challenging, a couple of companions is highly recommended)
Can learn all 40 spellsongs
Can use all the lutes
Songbook of the Bard
Performance: play lute (based on personality, agility and speechcraft)

The Skald: The support package.
The Skald is a bard that goes to battle to support his companions. He is hardy and wears heavier armour than most bards. When forced into combat, he prefers the spear. Like all bards, he is a fine speaker and relies on potions and to some extent, enchanted items.
Can learn 20 Spellsongs, a lot of them will buff companions.
Can use all the lutes
Songbook of the Bard + Songbook of the Skald
Performance: play lute + play the drums (Speed, Agilty, bonus with more drums in your inventory)

The Diresinger: The master of debilitating songs
The Diresinger is a bard that specialises in crippling and controlling his enemies. When he fights alone, he'll weaken his enemies with a songs and finish them with daggers or bows, though he will prefer to send companions or even minions. Like all bards, speechcraft and alchemy are part of his arsenal.
Can learn 20 Spellsongs, most of them will cripple opponents.
Can use all the lutes
Songbook of the Bard + Songbook of the Diresinger
Performance: play the lute and sing, and even then, sad and depressing songs.

The Shadowdancer: The loner bard
The shadowdancer is the bard most suited for solo adventures as he specialises in songs that will improve himself. He relies on potions and magic items for support. Travelling often alone, he is a proficient armourer and dabbles in Mysticism.
Can learn 20 Spellsongs, a lot of them make adventuring solo easier
Can use all the lutes
Songbook of the Bard + Songbook of the Shadowdancer
Performance: play the lute and sing, dance (acrobatics and athletics)

The Jester: jack-of-all-trades, master of none
The Jester is often underestrimated. While his talents allow him to make a living performing in inns, he knows more songs than any other bards. The Jester relies on tricks and deception and is the most proficient spellcaster of all the bards.
Can learn all 40 spellsongs
Cannot use the most advanced lute
All Songbooks
Performances: Play the lute and sing, juggle (agility), tell jokes (personality, speechcraft)

Oh, and there is a companion, Irullan, who will be able to do more for the player as time goes by.

    She has the standard companion features (Grumpy companion script)
    She gets in and out of her armour if you ask her
    She sets up camp (a scripted tent with bedrolls) or gives you the camping gear.
    She has additional (NoM) camping gear and food
    She gives the player a pipe to smoke
    She honestly tells the player about his bardic talents.
    She scouts the area (detect creatures) and draw a map of the region.
    She picks up ingredients as you travel across regions.
    She has additional role-playing dialogue option
    She will wait for you at an inn if she gets lost

A new star sign, The Wanderer
Those born under the sign of the Wanderer are gifted with greater endurance and a better understanding of the world thanks to their many travels.

To get started...
Look for a notice on the door of inns in large cities.
Find a lute, any lute from the vanilla game will do.
Talk to a fellow bard for advice on how to play the lute OR talk to a publican to skip the quest where you learn how to play the lute and start making some gold. Be advised that your wages will start at a lower rate if you choose this option. Either way, your lute will be exchanged for a playing lute and your first music sheet.
Look for Irullan, a scout in a Tomb near Seyda Neen. After a short quest, she will join you.