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FINAL main update for Bucklers. Enjoy ;3

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By PikachunoTM


Bucklers in Morrowind! Adds bucklers, a type of shield present in many medieval/fantasy games like Dark Souls, it's smaller, lighter, and cheaper than your average shield, but at a cost of protection and durability. It is intended to increase the diversity of armor available in Morrowind, and looks pretty cool to boot! Currently includes customized Netch and Nordic Leather Bucklers, Iron, Glass, Bonemold, and Dwemer Bucklers, and more!
Use if you want:
  • Diversity in shield types
  • Cool looking shields


1. Download Bucklers!
2. There are two main downloads. Use the "NMM" one if you prefer a quick-and-easy manual/mod organizer approach, while the Wrye Mash one has more options, but is for the more experienced users (and pretty confusing).
3. Upon launching Morrowind (or your mod manager of your choice), tick any or all of the .esps that you wish to load (note, to save space in your load order, it is recommended that you do not tick the resource .esp unless you've edited it).
4. Run any leveled list mergers, object mergers, and/or multipatch again, and launch Morrowind again.
5. Enjoy!


Please respect the work done for the buckler meshes. Do with it what you will, but please credit me for the originals. Thanks :3

Check it out on the Bethesda Forums here!


French translation, by user Redondepremiere is available in the mirrors tab. Also includes a (forgotten) version of the 1.2 bucklers as replacers.

Bucklers is now officially complete, but that doesn't mean it's entirely over -- I'm hoping to use most of the assets in here to create a new mod called "Bucklers: 3rd Era Edition" which will (contrary to the name of the mod) add many more items than simple bucklers, including "unarmed" weapons, throwing weapons, new (more buckler-tastic) shields and shield types, and many other fantastic items. As always, my stuff is a resource free to use as you wish as long as relative credit is given. If you have any suggestions for this, please feel free to PM me what you might want to see, and I'll consider it!