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A no cheat Chargen equipment mod

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Chargen Equipment by Daedric Cat

Part of the May 2016 Modathon

There are a lot of beginning equipment mods for the new character in Seyda Neen, but none of them fit my playing style, and I didn't care for the barrel plopped in the middle of Seyda Neen with no reason why it should be there. Or someone handing me loot to get me started on my secret mission. Attracts too much attention, you know.

I wanted to be able to find equipment that wasn't available in Seyda Neen, but did not want to have to head for Balmora or other cities already to get those things. So I made this mod for those who like to explore the Seyda Neen area before heading onward to the rest of Vvardenfell, or to not have to go far into Vvardenfell to find soul gems, restore magicka potions, so on.

Most of the equipment benefits beginning mages, thieves, alchemists, enchanters, monks, and archers, as those things cannot be easily found at the beginning. Fighter types were already supplied by Arielle's stock and what can be found by exploring the area. There are no armor pieces, other than a pair of boots. All of the equipment is basic, nothing overpowering, nothing enchanted except for a couple of scrolls.

You have to find the equipment. They are several containers, none in Seyda Neen proper. One is washed ashore as shown in screenshot, the others are in caves and ancestral tombs in the area and on the nearby islands. List is below for those who want to know what items can found, and in what cells they may found.

Make sure you are well equipped from Arille's. This mod may supplement his stock, but does not replace Arrille's for basic supplies.

Note: This is not leveled or random equipment, the equipment is for the Chargen character.

Credit and thanks to Bethesda for Morrowind and the Construction Set.


Cleaned with Enchanted Editor and checked with tes3pcd


What's included:
paper rolls
apprentice retort
common robe
wooden staff
steel staff
soul gems, petty, lesser, common
gemfeeder scrolls
restoration potions, mostly health, fatigue, magicka
potions of water walking, breathing, others
imperial shortsword
common black clothes
steel longbow and arrows
steel longsword
Silver dagger and sword
journeyman repair hammers
heavy leather boots
some notes and scribblings
and more

Bitter Coast Region, -3,-9
Samarys Ancestral Tomb
Thelas Ancestral Tomb
Sarys Ancestral Tomb