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The captain of the Seyda Neen guard has unknowingly sent you to your doom. Or has he? Adapt and survive or if you are a monster like those that bring doom, help them spread their doom!

Permissions and credits
The Mysterious Hunter a two-sided quest mod
by Enclavekiller

Honored to be part of the Modathon contest!


Recently, a shack has popped up on the edge of Seyda Neen, and Sellius Gravius needs you to investigate it.  Turns out things don't end up that well and you find yourself stuck in a cave full of people who want to end your life. Huh I wonder how that happened. You must adapt to your new environment and use your brains to outsmart your hunters, or else you will be dinner.

To start: Talk to Sellius Gravius (the guy who tells you go to to Balmora) after character generation.  I recommend you to be lvl 3-5 to truly appreciate this mod, otherwise it's either going to be a nightmare even with the tools you can use or it's a cakewalk.


Raxle Berne is spreading his influence and after surviving his attempts to get you killed, you have impressed him and so he has told you of his secret base.  Travel to the base and help the leader, Ordral Saras, take back a part of the base that has been invaded by Vampire Hunters in order to join a team of elite operatives under the flag of Clan Berne.

To start:  Ask Berne if you can serve him again AFTER you do his quests to grab the Quarra potion and kill the traitor lieutenant.
OR:  Just walk into the cave.  I'm serious.  Considering you are very op as a vampire you should only need to be lvl 10 but I could be wrong.

Things to note:
1.  This is my first mod, and I have been working on it since February.  It's impossible for the mod to be flawless and that's why I want your feedback.
2.  Won't be compatible with anything that touches the space on the hill next to the road, you know where you run to farm mudcrabs.  But I made sure that is compatible with the Firemoth mod
3.  This mod is challenging, but I did my best to give you the means to outsmart the enemy.
4.  This mod is dark, while I won't mark it as an adult mod I will recommend you to be 14+ 
5.  Like I said above, I want your feedback.  Can be positive or negative as long as it's constructive and honest.
6.  I will be releasing future content for this mod as I become more comfortable with the cs but this is a full release, not a WIP.
7.  I used a lot of Modder's Resources, they are listed below.

Modder's Resources downloaded in the production of this mod:

Dracus Tapestry Pack 2 by Dracus Dragani
Corpse Death-Pose Sets by GhostNull
Blood Waterfall by Hjalmer Mill & Bajamaja
Map Boards by ayse
Vampire Skull by crazyboy
Gargoyle Statue by crazyboy and Cyril Moreul
Replicant Thing by CaptainZaltan
Bone Golem by CaptainZaltan
Coffin Model by lochnarus
Blood and Shadows by Qarl
Mushrooms by Thann
Creepy Voices by Moosa
Bloodpool by Lord Gabryael

Note that I wasn't able to use everyone one of those, I just downloaded them, and you should too if you're planning on making a mod similar to mine.Thank you guys for creating these so that me and other creators may produce quality content!

To Install:Put the esp in your data files and everything else into the correct folders (Put the meshes in the meshes, textures in the textures etc)

If Updating to Ver. 1.5:  Download 1.5 and replace ver. 1 esp with 1.5 esp  New game may be required, definitely if you already started the quest.

Version 1.5 Changelog:
Cleaned the mod with Tes3cmd and Enchanted Editor
Placed notes throughout the cave to strengthen the story
Renamed some of the keys
Placed collision boxes around boss platform to prevent him from bugging out and drowning in a very anti-climatic fashion
The Armory is a lot harder to break into, the key to leave the cave no longer unlocks it and the locks have been increased
There is a new mini-side quest for Human players in which you have to turn one of the notes into the Balmora Mages Guild
Moved the Thank You note to Haran's room, you have to solve a riddle using console commands to find it now.  This way it doesn't hurt immersion lovers.
Placed a dock and rowboat outside the shack
Fixed some dialogue typos, probably didn't get all of them though let me know if you find any so I can make some hot fixes
Removed the mage's Wizard Staff from his dead body, as that weapon is overpowered and breaks the difficulty I had in mind.  That and it's selling price.
Fixed the chance of being stuck on collision boxes when you leave the cave
Added a logical pathway (new cell) from the trapdoor in the front gate area to the skeleton archer ledge
Replaced the Master's Alchemy set in Elona's room with a set of Journeyman's.
Strengthened the locks on the team's rooms.

Dear Darkelfguy:  Thank you, for inspiring and influencing me and tons of other new modders every day.  The community wouldn't be as alive as it is today if it wasn't for you.  And don't worry, I didn't use any of the West Gash roots ;)

Contacts and Permissions (legal talk oh boy)

Email:  [email protected] 
Nexus:  Enclavekiller1
Bethesda Forums: Enclavekiller

Please contact me if you want to use assets from my mod, you do not have my permission to otherwise.

Used TESTool, TES3CMD, and Enchanted Editor to clean mod but let me know if there is still dirt please so I can fix it.