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A small town and quest mod in Solstheim!

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Himmelryn Point

Part of Morrowind Modathon Month

On the rocky southeastern shore of Solstheim lies a small unremarkable village. A small township named after the ancient bond of two families; the dark-skinned Ryn of the West Gash, and the light-skinned Himmel clan of Skaal. These are just old stories told to the occasional visitor or passerby, meant to excite romantic thoughts of a once forbidden union of Dark Elves and Nords. The only real thing worth of note here is an old lighthouse, paid for by Imperial taxes. In that rocky tower, a secret desire lies, waiting to be discovered.

-EXPLORE the cozy town of Himmelryn, brimming with unique life and personality-

-DISCOVER forgotten Dwemer outposts with primitive rails and automaton-

-UNEARTH ancient Skaal forces that seek to cleanse Solstheim of the non-pious-

Himmelryn is a small town with 5 buildings, transportation, and many unique NPCs. This mod also adds a large interconnected dwemer dungeon that sprawls over Solstheim and has multiple entrances and exits. It's recommended to be outside of Solstheim when you start this mod.

Hope I'm not too late to the Morrowind Modathon Month. I was kind of surprised I got this finished in time. This mod has gone through quite a bit of failure. The first time it was made it somehow was corrupted spectacularly and it took me weeks just to find out that it was completely unsalvageable, so I had to start over from scratch. Then to make matters worse I've been in the middle of a move across the country this month, so it really is pretty spectacular that this got finished at all. I mostly made this mod just to better understand how the dialogue and quest system works. I also really love small cozy towns in RPGs, and I figured someone else might like them too. Little places on the edge of the world. Let me know what you guys think and any bugs you might find. I appreciate all feedback and I hope you all have fun!