About this mod

=First Place winner of the 2016 May Modathon!= A massive overhaul of Bal Isra, the Redoran Stronghold. Adds a foreman at Stage 3 who, once you are Archmaster, offers many upgrades to make your stronghold into a thriving town!

Permissions and credits
"First Place WINNER of the May Modathon Month!"
IMPORTANT NOTE:: You need to download the Bal Isra Rising RESOURCES file as well as the ESP. Only the ESP file will be updated for future content updates unless otherwise noted! This will reduce everyone's download size and time from now on, as the resources don't change from update to update.

Bugfix Update 8/1/2016:: Update version 1.21 fixes all known bugs that I've found and have been reported to me thus far. Along with the bug fixes are some minor changes and tweaks where I made a mistake or overlooked something.

Minor Update 6/4/2016:: Update version 1.11 fixes a bug caused by how the Construction Set works, you should no longer get an error when loading up about a "Journal trying to become a Topic", it's a silly bug Bethesda never squashed in their CS.

Update 5/30/2016:: I've updated Bal Isra Rising to version 1.1 on the Nexus and uploaded a new download file! It's been fully cleaned with tes3cmd now, I've fixed a couple of bugs I'd noticed, and I added two quests, one is a miscellaneous quest in one of the added housing residents, the other is a quest chain in the added Tribunal Temple.
More dialogue and quests to come in future updates!

This plugin is an effort to expand the content for Great House Redoran, specifically focussed around the expansion of Bal Isra, the player stronghold for House Redoran players. This plugin is large scale, and the new content kicks in after you have upgraded your stronghold to Stage 3, and become Archmaster of House Redoran on Vvardenfell. Once this has been done, you can speak to the new foreman at Bal Isra to begin the expansion process.

All but one expansion is through this foreman or your new secretary who arrives after the first expansion phase is complete. The other is from one of the patrons in the Tavern once it is built. Everything is done with payments of gold, used to hire workers, recruit, and purchase needed materials. Most things take some time to complete, and you can only construct one building at a time. Anything that does not involve construction can be done at the same time.

Indarys Manor is larger, whether you expand further or not. It expands with each of the three vanilla game Stronghold stages.

Possible expansions include:
*Walls and Guard Towers (initial expansion)
*Indarys Tavern
*Caravan (Fast Travel)
*General Importer
*Mainland Imporium
*Tribunal Temple
*Mage Tower
*Smuggler's Run

Some features offered by these expansions include:
*Mannequins you can display equipment on, pick up, place, and move!
*Items from the mainland of the Morrowind province (from Tamriel Rebuilt and others)
*Portable Bedrolls you can pick up, place, and sleep on.
*Quest from the Guard Captain
*Quest from one of the housing residents
*Quest chain for the Temple
*All merchant services
*For some merchants, periodic changing inventories for sale.
*A few easter eggs, and amusing bits of dialogue.

This plugin was inspired by the likes of Building Up Uvirith's Grave, and the realization that there is very little such content outside of House Telvanni, so I sought to begin to rectify this.