Sweet Rest - The Vivec tearoom by Rashiel
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Last updated at 21:21, 26 May 2016 Uploaded at 21:21, 26 May 2016

Part of the May Modathon Month 2016

In the lower waist works of Vivecs foreign quarter is a small tearoom called Sweet Rest, it serves simple tea and simple foods for the weary traveler or curious commoner. Speak with the friendly customers or sample the local cuisine, but remember to pause; and take a deep breath, and perhaps a sip of tea.

Mod contains one interior cell in Vivec with a splatter of new NPCs to speak with. One short fetch quest with a minor reward can be found here, as well as the location of a new tomb with an enchanted item added to the game. There is nothing earth shattering here, but I hope you enjoy playing through it as I have enjoyed making it.

This is the very first mod I've made for Morrowind, I came into it for May Modathon 2016 hosted by DarkelfGuy on the MorrowindModdingShowcases youtube channel. I learnt everything I know from his tutorial videos and some faffing about without creating anything in the Oblivion construction set seven years ago.
I've done this simply to add my voice to the chorus of people who love Morrowind, and want the community to thrive, I know this mod is nothing special but it was a good learning experience, and I got to try out a bit of everything, and learnt many new things, in the end I unfortunately couldn't find the time to finish the final goal of my initial plan; 3D modeling a teapot. I do however hope to learn this as well, one day.

Perhaps the most important thing this project has taught me however: is that modding Morrowind is fun, and I'd like to do it more of it when I can find time.