Scamp Replacer by PeterBitt and Pherim
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Added: 27/05/2016 - 01:03AM
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Scamp Replacer


PeterBitt [modeling/texturing/concept]
Pherim [skinning/animating]

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This is a mesh and texture replacer for the Scamp creature.
Comes with full PBR support for the MGE XE Physically Based Rendering Prototype.

The model and textures where made from scratch using ZBrush, 3ds Max, xNormal and Photoshop. Pherim rigged the model to the original skeleton to make it use the original animations. He also added facial animations, a feature the original model didnt have that makes the creature look much more alive.

For the model I tried to stick close to the original design, the overall body shape is almost identical to the original creature. I am still learning and have plans to refine the textures and add a bit to the model.

Physically Based Rendering:
MGE XE PBR Prototype:

Quote Hrnchamd: "PBR is an advancement in lighting and texturing that allows your computer to render a greater variety of more complex and beautiful materials. The physics allows them to be consistently interesting in all lighting conditions."

This is still in development and not suggested for your regular playthrough. But it makes sense to have the model already using PBR features as the same implementation will propably be added to OpenMW too.

The PBR materials in this mod could be done much better, an update will follow.

Please respect the efford that went into this and the fact that I freely share it - Please don't upload this anywhere else. Please don't edit texture or model. Please don't include this in any compilation mods.
Please simply don't do anything with it without asking me, except using it in your game. Thanks!