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Adds a reward to the end of the main quest in Tribunal, a room of your own in the Royal Palace!

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"Part of the May Modathon Month!"
One of the winners in week 3 of the Modathon Month!

This plugin adds an additional reward to the end of the main quest in Tribunal. Once you report to King Helseth what has transpired, he will still give you the usual armor set, but also an additional reward, the key to the Rose Room, a room set aside for visiting dignitaries or personal guests of Helseth! The room is yours to do as you will, and comes fully stocked and furnished with plenty of display space, storage, and a Royal Guard to keep your belongings safe while you're out adventuring.

To get the key to the room, you must complete the main quest of the Tribunal expansion. If you have already completed it, go back and talk to Helseth about Almalexia and the 'reward' topic will become available. If you haven't completed it yet, then when you make your final report to Helseth at the end, he will mention the 'reward' topic on his own.

-This mod should be compatible with everything, so long as it does not modify the 'Mournhold, Royal Palace: Reception Area' interior cell, or bother the very few King Hlaalu Helseth-specific dialogues I modified to add the reward topic to the conversation. I'm not really aware of any popular mods that touch Helseth or the Reception Area, so you should be fine.