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Fixes a few mesh errors so they show the correct texture

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This is just an edit of a few Hold It .nifs using NifSkope, so the ones that relied on Tamriel Rebuilt would load the texture properly

Apparently TR changed some folder organization, but Hold It didn't

Tried to find the texture filenames that most closely resembled what was already being used

These overwrite the files, as it is a replacer

Obviously requires Hold It! and Tamriel Rebuilt

Note on the hbclothTR.nif; It used "glove 01" textures, but I don't know if it used glove01 or redglove01 .dds files, the red fits the theme of the basket so I went with those

If there are others let me know, these are just the ones I have come across
Update: Fixed the "Scale" "shield" to show the wood texture instead of a missing texture. (Update of update: I can't into computers, LOL. fixed mesh now calls the fixed texture path properly)