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A much needed visual update for thely's Blood and Gore mod.

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Despite its longevity among the modding community, TheLys' Blood & Gore has started to show its age; not in terms of scripting, but rather in its most endearing feature—its gory visuals. Years ago, the base textures would've blended seamlessly with older visuals, but with the advent of hi-res textures, Blood & Gore has started to standout like a severed limb. Blood & Gore Retexture aims to give TheLys' mod a much needed facelift and allow it to continue spilling blood for years to come. (As a minor side note, please be aware that many of the picture seen here were done with the mod set at Level 5, which is considering a showcase level, and not really for practical in-game use. I set it high to show the textures at work with the least amount of pictures. Standard levels of Blood & Gore will look much more normal).

Firstly, you'll need the base mod; this is a retexture, not a repacking of Blood & Gore. You can find the latest file: v2.14 Next, simply drag and drop the textures into your texture file and rewrite when prompted. This file will replace the following blood splatter files: blood 1-3, dark blood 1-2, white blood 1-2, dremora 1-2, fire blood 1-2, god 1-2, ice 1-3, oil 1-2, bone 1-4*** I also suggest, if you haven't done so, to update Morrowind's awful "blood cloud" with Evandar's Better Blood Morrowind or with Leatherpoker's Realistic Blood (the latter being a denser blood cloud; both are great and merely a matter of preference).

*** I've reduced the amount of bone powder skeletons will splatter by creating two blank dummy files. I've always felt that skeletons splattering so much dust around was rather silly to me. However, if you're not bothered by that in the slightest, I've left two optional versions of the dummy files in a separate file.

Credits/Terms of Use
These textures can be used freely as a modder's resource, as I used stock images as a basis for creating many of them. All I ask is that you let me know what you do with them in the comment section. After all, I play Morrowind as much as I mod it, so I'd like to see what others might do with them in the near future. However, with that being said, the textures used for blood 1-3, god 1-2, are not based on stock images, but rather on the amazing work of fetishfaerie. If you plan on using them, you must leave a comment linking your work on her page; after all, like myself, she wants to see how others use and interpret her work. It's a simple request and it's no different than the ones seen here within the modding community. Her page for these textures can be found here: Fetishfaerie

Although I've tested these files, I'm still looking to improve on them, and eventually redo the other texture files, such as severed necks, meat chunks, and
so forth. I welcome any feedback to make this better and enjoyable for everyone. I've enjoyed TheLys' Blood & Gore for many, many years and I'd like to give something back in the best way possible. I'm still fairly new to working with .dds files, so I appreciate any constructive criticism you might have.

Finally, go out and have buckets of bloody fun!