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  • So we're on The Nexus - introduction to MWAT

    You may have watched the Pix and Vids and wonder : how by the Nine am I going to escort the Telvanni Bride to her Zainab Husband, Reeh-Jah to Ebonheart, or Itermerel to Pelagiad in such a dangerous world?

    Yes! That's the spirit! Foes that could easily wipe out an entire town with one blast are no match for such feeble companions. I will leave the solution to you. Do yourself a favor and keep the save from right before the journey.

    If you have a hunch that this version of Vvardenfell is pretty dangerous, you're right. May i suggest you find Reeh-Jah first and stay away from Ebonheart for a while? Up to Level 20 he'll be quite an asset.

    It can be done. I've had L50 Nerevarines successfully escorting distressed damsels all over ...