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A dark cavern lair, hidden away from the main roads but close enough to be a convenient safe haven for a number of shady types, be you thief, necromancer, or any many of dark-natured soul, longing for a place to hide away. Located near Arkngthand.

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"Part of the May Modathon Month!"

This is a simple but decorated dark cavern home for players to claim. Far enough off the main roads to avoid much notice, but close enough to be convenient to the dark arts user, or thief, or simple hermit, to be convenient.

Located a bit further down the road from Arkngthand (where you retrieve the Dwemer Puzzle Cube early in the MQ), this cavern is the home of a dark magic user, carefully constructed from a natural cavern for his dark, twisted needs. Supplies and comforts have been added, some bought from nearby Balmora, some looted from nearby caverns, and some looted from the dwemer ruin just over the hill. If you are looking for a dark place for your evil, or loner, character, this could be just what you're looking for.

Bed, Alchemy equipment, ample storage (several of the containers are modified to allow much more storage so you can store everything you need), modest display space, a homely yet reclusive decor, anvil, and a few other small amenities.