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Allows more artifacts to be given to the Museum in Mournhold.

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Tamrielic Lore
A mod by PikachunoTM for the May Modathon

Come one, come all, to the new Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold! Many more artifacts from Morrowind, Tribunal, and, optionally, Bloodmoon, have been added to the Museum of Artifacts. They can be donated or sold, and depending on how you like it, it can vary significantly how much of an effect a donated item has on progress, when and how many items can be donated, if the items are added to the museum's location or not, and much more.

The Museum of Artifacts Improved Expanded is now included (and edited to display the artifacts Tamrielic Lore adds to the donation list) as an addon! Now compatible with all addons, but still requires the main .esm to function. Load order should not matter, though if you run into any problems, please report them!

Updated to version 2.21. The last of the MuseumScript issues should be fixed now.

So what does it do?

It's a relatively simple mod, allowing players to sell or donate some of the most unique artifacts in Vvardenfell. Now with this mod, artifacts from around Morrowind and Tribunal not seen in the book Tamrielic Lore can given to the Museum of Artifacts! Please let me know if you'd like to see an artifact that is not currently included!

Also included are some add-ons which allow for people to pick-and-choose some changes that alter or enhance the experience. All require the base "Tamrielic Lore.esm." The game can be played with only the base .esm, though no items will be displayed at the museum, though all necessary dialogue and scripts will function. This includes the Wings of the Queen of Bats.

Tamrielic Lore includes 3 major addons:
 * Museum Donations at Any Time
Allows you to use the "Donate" option for artifacts at any time.
* MoA Improved Expanded
Includes PrincessStomper's and TheOtherFelix's mod "Museum of Artifacts Improved Expanded" and edits/fixes some minor compatibility issues. Artifacts are now fully integrated!
* Wings of the Queen of Bats
Adds the Wings of the Queen of Bats to the Corprusarium.

Are there any requirements?

Yes, Morrowind and Tribunal. While a Bloodmoon addon is in the works, Bloodmoon is only required for the MoA addon.

Is this mod incompatibly with __________ ?

Yes and no. If you believe there's a compatibility issue, please let me know!

How do I install/uninstall this mod?

Simply extract the Data Files folder to your Morrowind Directory. If you wish to use add-ons, simply copy the add-ons from the AddOns folder to your Data Files directory. To uninstall, simply delete all Tamrielic Lore add-ons and "Tamrielic Lore.esm"

What artifacts/unique items are added to the Museum?

Well, the list is quite extensive. I'll try and give more detail in the readme, but for now I'll try to say what 
is included and completed. Be forewarned, as this currently contains spoilers for items. Do not look if you wish to find out on your own.


Artifact Armors:
§  Fists of Randagulf (Both are required)
§  Masque of Clavicus Vile
§  Wraithguard
Artifact Clothes:
§  Amulet of Heartfire, Heartheal, Heartrime, and Heartthrum
§  Amulet of Usheeja
§  Barilzar's Mazed Band
§  Belt of Heartfire
§  Blood, Heart, and Soul Ring
§  Denstagmer's Ring
§  Hair Shirt of Saint Aralor
§  Moon-and-Star
§  Madstone of the Ahemmusa, Seizing of the Erabenimsun, Teeth of the Urshilaku, Thong of Zainab
§  Mentor's Ring
§  Necromancer's Amulet
§  Ring of Khajiit
§  Ring of Surroundings
§  Ring of the Wind
§  Shoes of St. Rilms
Artifact Weapons:
§  Cleaver of St. Felms
§  Crosier of St. Llothis
§  Daedric Crescent
§  Eltonbrand
§  Fork of Horripilation
§  Hopesfire
§  Keening
§  Mehrunes' Razor
§  Scourge
§  Sunder
§  Trueflame
§  Volendrung
§  Wings of the Queen of Bats
Artifact Others:
§  ​Azura's Star
§  Bitter Cup
§  The Skeleton Key

If there's an item you'd like to see, please let me know!

Thank you for reading this. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. You can download it on Mediafire, Great House Fliggerty, Nexus, or Morrowind Modding History. This mod has been cleaned of dirty edits, GMSTs, and unnecessary edits with TESAME, TESTOOL, tes3cmd, and TESPCD. If I've missed anything, please leave a log as to what is at issue. Thanks to PrincessStomper for allowing me to include the Museum of Artifacts Improved Expanded (Found here: