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Part of the May Modathon. Adds artifacts from Morrowind and Tribunal to the Mournhold Museum of Artifacts. Now works!

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Tamrielic Lore
A mod by PikachunoTM for the May Modathon

Come one, come all, to the new Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold! Many more artifacts from Morrowind, Tribunal, and, optionally, Bloodmoon, have been added to the Museum of Artifacts. They can be donated or sold, and depending on how you like it, it can vary significantly how much of an effect a donated item has on progress, when and how many items can be donated, if the items are added to the museum's location or not, and much more.

Now compatible with Museum of Artifacts Improved Expanded! I highly recommend it! Incompatible with all my other add-ons for this except Wings of the Queen of Bats and Script Insurance. Requires the main .esm to function. Load order should not matter, though if you run into any problems, please report them!

Also, updated to version 2.1, with corrected (legitimately, this time) script and functionality from the 1.0 versions, and also corrects an issue with four (?) artifacts enabling incorrectly.

So what does it do?

Well, to tell you the truth, not a lot. It's a relatively simple mod which adds a lot of convenience to players who, like me, have always been confused with the Museum of Artifact's exclusion of some of the most unique artifacts in Vvardenfell. What this mod hopes to do is alleviate that nuisance by adding the correct scripts, dialogue, and topics to Morrowind, so that people who find artifacts from the book Tamrielic Lore can add them to the Museum of Artifacts. There are also some unique items to be added, but I'd like some feedback for which unique items should be added.

However, more than simply adding items from Tamrielic Lore, I've taken the liberty to add a few more unique items to the Museum. You can find a list later in this description of everything that has been currently added. These unique items (and artifacts) either are included because of their unique appearance, or because of their role/location/established lore, either in past, future, or current Elder Scrolls Lore (relative to Morrowind).

Also included are some add-ons which allow for people to pick-and-choose some changes that alter or enhance the experience. All require the base "Tamrielic Lore.esm." The game can be played with only the base .esm, though no items will be added to the museum, as it only holds dialogue, scripts, and items. There is also an add-on which allows you to find the Wings of the Queen of Bats, though that does not require the .esm, and any mod which adds the WotQoB to Morrowind works as well (Like TheOne&Only's mod of the same name). Support is included in the main .esm, and it is recommended to have a mod that includes it. Note, the WotQoB must have the same ID as the Morrowind version for it to work correctly. You can use my version as well if you'd like, which is included in the download, or here if you wish.

If you're still a bit confused with what it does, I'll try and explain it in more "layman's" terms. Artifacts from the book by Yagrum Bagarn called Tamrielic Lore can be brought to the Museum of Artifacts and be sold or donated. There are also some more artifacts as well.

Are there any requirements?

Yes. Though the only requirements are Morrowind, the base game, and Tribunal, because the Museum of Artifacts is located in Mournhold, the main city where Tribunal takes place, and because of some of the scripting functions used requiring a Tribunal (or better) version of the game engine.

I am also working on a Bloodmoon/GoTY version, though that will be a bit before I can get to it. I wanted to make sure at least that this part was finished and released for everyone before focusing on this. There are no extra mods or other requirements.

I've taken the liberty of changing the 34th variables and whatnot for people who don't use MCP's script function fix. It's located under the "Extras" folder. If this doesn't work, I may have missed something, but overall it should be fine.

Will this invalidate my save game?

Hopefully not. I'll admit that I haven't tested with invalidation of save games and whatnot. While it shouldn't do so, it is highly recommended to back up your save game just in case. In the off chance it does happen to invalidate your save game, simply delete the "Tamrielic Lore.esm" and any plugins which it relies upon, and restore your save backup. You may need to re-run mlox, rebuild "Merged_Objects.esp", "Multipatch.esp", or any merged lists/etc. that you may have run with it. Fortunately, you do not need to clean out anything in your files meshes/textures/icons folders, as it is simply an .esp and .esm collection.

Is this mod incompatibly with __________ ?

Short answer: probably not. Long answer: possibly. The main .esm only touches one script present in the original Tribunal. This is a rarely touched script, the "MuseumScript", though if you believed it is touched in one of your mods, I've included a "PK_MuseumScript.esp" to return it to "Tamrielic Lore.esm's" script change. This is unlikely to happen except with mods like gr1911's "Script Improvements", or Huskobar's "Script Tidy" (haven't actually checked to see if they alter the script specifically, but it is still good to be safe than sorry). Other than that, the only real issue I can see is with something inside the Museum of Artifacts. Mods like Princess Stomper & The Other Felix's "Museum of Artifacts Improved Expanded" or PainKiller Rider's "Art of War Museum" have compatibility patches in the making, though the former more-so than the latter. Neither, fortunately, touch the MuseumScript script, and Painkiller's mod only adds an extension without extensively modifying the interior of the existing mod. I've also made a compatibility version of Princess Stomper & The Other Felix's mod with the Art of War Museum, if you don't wish to use my mod, though I need to contact Princess Stomper before I release it  If you find any compatibility issues, please contact me and we'll solve this thing together 
The main mod makes no alterations to the original items whatsoever.

TL;DR: It's most likely compatible.

How do I install/uninstall this mod?

Simply extract the Data Files folder to your Morrowind Directory. If you wish to use add-ons, simply copy the add-ons from the AddOns folder to your Data Files directory. To uninstall, simply delete all added add-ons and "Tamrielic Lore.esm"

What artifacts/unique items are added to the Museum?

Well, the list is quite extensive. I'll try and give more detail in the readme, but for now I'll try to say what 
is included and completed. Be forewarned, as this currently contains spoilers for items. Do not look if you wish to find out on your own.


Please note, while this is RELEASE 1.0, it is not the final version. I'm hoping to add all of the unique items listed. If there are any which you wish to make an argument for or against that I have/n't included, please do so. Part of the reason they haven't been added is because I'm not sure whether or not I should include them. I've included some quest items, though this is mostly in case someone makes a mod which lets them become obtainable once again. I know TheOne&Only's "Object Permanence 2.0" does this. I've seen another mod which does this as well, but I can't remember which.

Thank you for reading this. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. You can download it on Mediafire, Great House Fliggerty, Nexus, or Morrowind Modding History. This mod has been cleaned of dirty edits, GMSTs, and unnecessary edits with TESAME, TESTOOL, tes3cmd, and TESPCD. If I've missed anything, please leave a log as to what is at issue.