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Probably the best weapon mod ever created for Morrowind.

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This is the original Dragon Blade created by author Phijama. The sword was originally developed as a modder's resource that Phijama further developed and released as the Dragon Blade. It's important to note that I DID NOT make this mod myself, I am merely reuploading it here since it was forever lost when PlanetElderScrolls was shot down. The mod can still be found on Morrowind Mod History but uploading it here would help it get more recognition. 

That being said the mod includes the sword, a shield and some pauldrons.

The Sword uses a couple of custom scripts. The first script makes it possible to sheat the weapon on your back, complete with its own custom scabbard. The second script is related to dropping the sword and makes sure that it is dropped in its sheat as well as makes it an activator that can seamlessly change the sword from a Two-Handed weapon to a One-Handed one and vice versa. Just drop it on the ground and pick it up and it will seamlessly change. 

The Shield also uses custom scripts. As you can see in the screenshot, it has a fancy particle effect when it's blocking an attack. Due to technical reasons, the shield can ONLY be used with this sword. You can however use the sword without it if you want to.

The Pauldrons only use a single slot, because the other one is taken up by the sword sheat. Essentially, equipping this sword means you can't equip two of the vanilla pauldrons at the same time, so Phijama made these pauldrons instead that only use one single slot. 

That aside, they can all be found in the lower deck of the Ancient Shipwreck, which is located South East of Dagon Fel. As for bugs, there are none that I have personally experienced. The sword and everything works seamlessly as you would expect a normal weapon to work. There is one thing though, one of the graphical settings from the Morrowind Code Patch which is related to reflections causes the textures and relfections to go crazy. So if you're using the Code Patch and the items don't look exactly like the ones in the screenshots, then it most likely is that particular Code Patch setting the name of which I have forgot (sorry!). 

If you have any issues, feel free to let me know and I will do what I can to help you. If you don't like the location or the stats of the items, I can gladly relocate and rebalance them for you but don't ask me to make quests to obtain them, that is beyond me. 

NOTE: The meshes use reflection maps which means enchanting the weapon might ruin some of the effects on it.

Installation: Just drag and drop everything from the archive into the "Data" folder found in the Morrowind installation folder.

Credits and Permissions: You may do whatever you wish with this mod as long as you credit the original author Phijama. As a matter of fact, it would be nice if someone could port it to Skyrim, asI have failed to do so when converting the textures.