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Bagel's Luxorious Manor is a player home mod that adds a 4-story manor (And a new dungeon!) to the Ascadian Isles
region, behind, and to the right of the Vivec Temple (facing towards the front), on a new,
small, island. This house has everything anyone may want. A study/library,
a armor/clothing display hall with working

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                          Bagel's Luxurious Manor - a player home mod

                      {New video of the house has been uploaded; ! }
                                                                    Thank you for over 100 downloads!

This mod adds a new player home; the Luxurious Manor. This manor has four-stories, complete with 2 living rooms, a study/library, a dining room and kitchen, A mannequin display hall, your own personal docks, a master bedroom, your own bathroom with a bath, and much more!

This player home is free, however..

To obtain it, you must speak to Roland Kinsley, a wealthy Altmer in the Vivec City Library. Complete a small quest for him, and this house is yours.

This Manor also comes with a teleportation amulet, to teleport back to your manor at any time.

- CLEANED using Tes3CMD -!

- Using Tamriel Rebuilt? -

With this player home being so close to the Tamriel Rebuilt shoreline, I have created an optional file for TR users. This file
makes the rowboat by the player home dock take you across the water, to the TR shores. It also adds a small dock/fishing area where you land,
by it is another rowboat, which you can then take back to your home. (This optional add-on requires the TR_preview file AND the Bagel's Manor file).

- Compatibility issues/bugs? -
Not any. This player home is on its own new small island, so there should be none. 
Mods may conflict if they add things to the areas in which I have placed the manor/dungeon.


I, MatthewTheBagel
Denae for boardgames resource
Xeon for couches resource
TextureFreak for the new tapestries
Antares for the desk mesh
Cali for the mannequins
Nomad for Bath/Outhouse

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