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Simple mod allowing the Quarra, Aundae and Berne Vampire Clan amulets to teleport the player to one of 8 locations. It also allows the amulets to function regardless of the player's clan status and regardless whether you are a Vampire. Also adds sound effects to the teleportation.

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Vampire Clan Amulets Upgrade
Author: GrandBulwark

Put simply vampirism in Morrowind has always been more of a novelty experience for me.  Granted it makes you super strong and fast, but it also costs you pretty dearly.  Amoung these costs is the inability to use the majority, if not all, of the games traveling methods.  So not only will no one talk to you, you also have to walk everywhere.  Personally I have a vampirism stages mod to rectify the isolation aspect, but even with that Silt Strider rides can be fatal.  So, I give you this amulet!  I have modified the scripts for all 3 vampire clan amulets to include 7 possible locations to transport to.

These amulets can now take you to:
  1. Druscashti: Lair of the Quarra Clan
  2. Ashmelech: Lair of the Aundae Clan
  3. Galom Daeus: Lair of the Berne Clan
  4. Tel Fyr: Private Study of Divayth Fyr
  5. Tel Naga: Neloth's Chambers
  6. Tel Branora: Therana's Chambers
  7. Tel Vos: Private Study of Master Aryon
  8. Tel Mora: Dratha's Chambers

The Amulets will now function even if you cure your vampirism.  And to explain my reasoning behind all three clan bases being available, as well as the majority of Telvanni Strongholds; I am a Quarra, yet I am also in great house Telvanni.  In my game, anyone will associate with me but in vanilla Morrowind no one will associate with you save other vampires and wizards.  Druscashti is my clan home but I slaughtered all the Aundae and stole Ashmelech as my stronghold.  This mod is catered to my desires and will likely get a facelift or two before it is over.All amulets use identical scripts, nothing else is altered.  The amulets themselves can be altered by another mod, provided they still refer to the same script. Any mod changing the scripts for the Quarra, Aundae or Berne Clan Amulets will be incompatible.  Since the existing variables were sufficient in the scripts, this mod is fully functional even on existing saves.

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