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Replaces the Dwemer armor in the game

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New Dwemer armor mod. By Xander2077, Rubberman01, Hidronax (fixed the gauntlet mesh and made esp), as well as Bahamut, Greatness7, Pherim, who also helped with blender technicalities and tips as well as file conversions to try and nail down the issues i was having with the gauntlets. I would also like to thank bethsoft forums and nexus forums and everyone helping there.

This is a completely new replacer for the Dwemer Armor in morrowind.

Included are also optional files for two alternate helmet styles. One is more along the lines of Oblivion, and the other is more along the lines of Skyrim.

To install, simply drag the folder Data files into your morrowind directory, and paste/overwrite. Same for the Optional folders (choose only one). This is contains the vanilla pluginless replacer and a new esp version of gauntlets as an optional install. it is contained in the optional folder with the other two helmets.

To uninstall simply delete the files that were in the folders in this mod.

There are no known conflicts.

In the future we may put together an optional ESP that allows all three helmets to be in the game at once and randomize in dungeons and drops, and is in the levelled lists. But that still has to be worked out.

Feel free to use my mod in any larger mod as long as i am given credit.

NOTE: As of this posting on 07/04/2017 i have been informed that this conflicts with the "Better Morrowind Armor" mod. That mod contains modded vanilla armor and is very good, however i think the approach is different enough that it would not be wise to just drag and drop my mod to override/overwrite the Dwemer armor in that mod, so with that in mind it is my recommendation to choose one or the other. However there is a possibility of a patch in the future. I have no idea where to begin with that, but if anyone cares to give it a shot that is fine with me, just let me know you want to make a patch and go for it. We could either host it on your own mods and i could link to it in the description, or i can host it on this page as a patch and make sure you get real credit for it somehow (i think there is a way to add other users to certain files as the author) that way you get it in your counter, recommendations etc. Or a combination of both. Whatever works.