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About this mod

A very small collection of different notes around modding.

Permissions and credits
Not big collection of a various notes about modding.
Collected during the work on the Symphony project and above it.  
Includes a lot of notes how to working with Nifskope, 3D max, 2D editors, TES CS. 

Version 3.0 has been completely full rewritten!
Added more a new good data to collection! Also a new archive with a video tours has been added!
It's not require translation. A lot of short vids how to create a good stuff into nif files via MAX and Nifskope.
Example files is in this big archive too.

With help and support of G7 and Hrnchamd and other good members of Community. Great Thanks Folks!))

Allmost all texts on Russian, and need a full translations.
The project team does not have this possibility. Sorry(

The notes are requires a more additional graphic style improvement.

Questions, wishes, remarks, and other, write here or in Modmaker's Discord
A summary of the content:
Format - HTML files.
More than 800 threads and 2600 pictures. 

- detailed description of Nifskope. *Menu, context menu, settings.
- detailed description of the basic properties Shapes and nodes.
- detailed description the Special Name of nodes. *Shadow, bound Box, collision, weapon bone and etc. 
- description about properties of the controllers.  
- description about materials properties. 
- creating a new controllers.
- manage the properties of the controllers.
- create more than 10 layers of reflections in the .nif files.  
- use 4 slots reflection effect in the meshes. 
- management of light sources. *The effects of "flashers" and "spotlight".
- Note about bugs. 
And more this!

3D max. (Many annotations can be used and for Blender.)
- create new controllers.
- work with the animations.
- a list of keys animation MW.
- create LOD meshes.
- work with the Morphing.
- setting the materials. TesShader, NifToolsShader.
- detailed description about Import\Export settings.
- setup and creation the Particles.
- creating facial animation. *With using FaceGen.
- sync animation of objects with a base animation.
- create animated Armor and weapons. *War flail, Predator`s spear fot example. 
- creation heavy animation with Reactor. 
- create a "living" eyes for creatures and NPCs.
- note about various bugs and errors. 
- works with Skin and SkinWraps.
- create a new lights effect.
- and More This!

Third-party software.
- create heads with FaceGen.
- DXripper
- CellToNif
- new texture creation in the ParticleIllusion.
- processing of textures in 2D Editors.
- working with LOD in DDS textures. 
- description about texture formats, their strengths and weaknesses.
- BSA archives.
- audio files.
- few notes about Scripts. 
And so on;)

Actually, Morrowind is capable of playing a very beautiful animation!
Full articles list:

See in the readme from readme`s page here.