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Added: 25/03/2016 - 04:30AM
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Last updated at 4:30, 25 Mar 2016 Uploaded at 4:30, 25 Mar 2016

Daedric meshes made by me as a modder's resource.
Includes an urn, table, altars, crate, barrels, chest, bench, unlit brazier (like the one in-game, except without light), tables, sigil stones, and oblivion gates.
These are free to be used and alterred however you deem necessary, all use vanilla Morrowind textures, and do not require any DLC textures. All I ask for is that you credit me with the original meshes. And Bethesda, because many of these are altered vanilla meshes, though some are rather significant edits :3
Thank you very much, I hope to see them used! I've included a test .esp to show the items off, which can be reached by a new daedric ruin near Seyda Neen.
~P.K. Chuno

*Note: These meshes consist mainly of modified vanilla meshes, though the sigil stones and oblivion gate models are 100% (except the textures :P) mine. The new models are not simply retextures, and some have gone into rather drastic changes from the original asset, while others remain somewhat similar.