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White Suran 2 - MD Edition
by Melchior Dahrk & basswalker

I don't like most of the unique city textures mods, but White Suran is the exception. In my mind, Suran is the "Pearl of the Ascadian Isles," the "Lady of the Nabia." So, with that mindset, it just makes sense that Suran should feature glistening whitewashed walls. And so, basswalker's White Suran is a nice addition to any game to help diversify the land.
Basswalker's mod was great but it had a couple deficiencies: the interiors were not matched to the exteriors, a single wall under the silt strider port was missed in the replacement, the building meshes used a texture which stood out because the color was mismatched and it was at a higher resolution.

So, this mod adds matching interiors to the buildings in Suran, fixes the missing wall, homogenizes textures, includes a minor patch for Vurt's Ascadian Isles II (there is a willow tree in Suran which bleeds excessively into some statics around it.

Simply copy the files into your Data Files folder and activate the appropriate .esps.

WhiteSuran2_MD_edition.esp is the main file; activate this if you want all the updates I've made to basswalker's mod: the wall fix, the interiors, and the altered/homogenized building textures are all included (do NOT use with basswalker's original WhiteSuran2.esp, or WhiteSuran2_Interiors.esp, or WhiteSuran2_fix_wall.esp)

WhiteSuran2_Interiors.esp only adds matching white interiors to Suran (requires basswalker's WhiteSuran2.esp)

WhiteSuran2_fix_wall.esp only fixes the unreplaced wall (requires basswalker's WhiteSuran2.esp)

Whether or not you use Slartibast's Poorly Placed Object Fix, you may be interested in using WhiteSuran2_PPOF_Patch.esp, created by feastsun, which fixes the placement of several objects in Suran, based on Slart's work and feastsun's own investigation. This fix for White Suran 2 is also a compatibility patch for Slart's PPOF mod. Use the patch if you use Slart's mod, or use it even if you don't - look at the screenshots to make your decision (I recommend using this patch).

If you use Suran Underworld, activate WhiteSuran2_Suran Underworld Addon.esp to make the abandoned house in Suran use the unique textures added by this mod (requires WhiteSuran2.esp or WhiteSuran2_MD_edition.esp and Suran Underworld)

If you have Vurt's Ascadian Isles II installed, consider using WhiteSuran2_patch_vurt.esp to alleviate some bleeding present otherwise (requires WhiteSuran2.esp or WhiteSuran2_MD_edition.esp)

Finally, version 1.3 includes an optional file download for Reizeron and Cavanoskus' White Suran Ground Textures add on. Activate White Suran Ground Textures.ESP if you want matching ground textures for White Suran 2.

The textures included in this mod are taken from "Vibrant Morrowind 4.0" so credits go to Skydye and Headless Wonder for creating these textures.
You can get Vibrant Morrowind 4.0 here:

@ Basswalker - for originally making White Suran 2, on which this edition is heavily based.
@ Feastun - for noticing the incompatibility between White Suran 2 and Slart's PPOF and taking the initiative to fix it - as well as some other things missed by both mods.
@ Reizeron - for creating the White Suran Ground Textures add on
@ Bethesda - for the spark of inspiration which led to the creation of this wonderful game
@ Melchior Dahrk - I just did everything else

Please acquire proper permissions before reuploading, repackaging, or altering this mod.

v1.0 - Initial release
v1.1 - Added Suran Underworld addon
v1.2 - Fixed unreplaced pillar (thanks Feastsun) and added a patch/fix for Slartibartfast's Poorly Placed Object Fix 1.2
v1.3 - Added "White Suran Ground Textures" as an optional file; addon by Reizeron. Repackaged archive.