Stormlord Armor Morrowind Edition by Christian Paskota converted by Bahamut
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Stormlord Armor for Morrowind

About this mod:
Port of gechbal's Stormlord Armor originally made for Skyrim, looks best on bulky races.
To find it just play Bloodmoon its placed in the area of one of major quests. Or if you
are a lazy milk drinker, type placeatpc stormlord_chest 1,1,1 in console.

Better Bodies esque mod is required.

BlankReflection - for those who dislike the reflections (altough they are really subtle),

To display models properly you have to install following fixes from Morrowind Code Patch:
-Bump/reflect map local lightning,
-Enable reflection effects,
-Gloss map fix on skinned models,

If you don't have MCP, the links are on the bottom of this readme.

None i know.

Clipping, especially in cloak and skirt area, but probably i'm the only person
annoyed by these. Also be aware that armors like this don’t mash up very well with
other armor pieces, so wear this as a set. Also helmet might not fit all heads out there, especially beast ones.

-gechbal, original creator
-Hrnchamd, for MCP and other insane hacks he made,

MCP links:

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