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Did you ever think that Suran should NOT look like Balmora, when it comes to the textures of the buildings?  
Then this may be just the right mod for you.^^  
I have always been quite unsatisfied with Suran having the same textures as Balmora. Even though they are both Hlaalu-Towns,  
I always had the feeling that Suran, having the same textures for the buildings like Balmora, just did not fit right into the   
ascadian isles.   
It´s been just vice versa when I chose the textures I liked most for Suran. They just didnt fit to the look I liked for Balmora...  

I renamed all the meshes of the building-parts, walls, windows, archways and whatnot and gave them different textures.  
You can find the textures in the folder " \Data Files\textures\bw\suran ". There´s only 5 textures, so if you decide you   
like my mod in general, but not the textures I chose for Suran, you can pretty easy take some other textures. Just have to rename  
them to the names I gave them and overwrite my textures.^^  

The changes I did are only exterior, so from the inside the buildings will look like they did before using this mod.  

Addons available for:  

 "Suran Archery Tradehouse"  

 "Suran Waterfront"  

 "Suran Riverview Home"