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Adds a highly detailed manor turret atop Tel Uvirith as a further expansion to your stronghold.

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I have long been a huge fan of Stuporstar's Uvirith's Legacy, and to this day it is probably my favorite mod for Morrowind. However even with the huge number of additions that it makes to Tel Uvirith, the tower never quite felt like a home. The cramped and tiny dining room and master bedroom in particular have long vexed me. So I sought to rectify this by making this mod.

What this mod does is add an extra phase of construction to Tel Uvirith that adds a manor turret to the top of the tower, that is accessible from the exterior. The manor will become available automatically when your character becomes Archmagister. I have made this mod to suit my own personal tastes, housing needs, and currently installed texture and mesh replacers, and as such it will not be suitable for everyone, but I hope you enjoy.

Here is a brief run down of the Manor's features.
-A foyer with a decorative garden
-A banquet hall, complete with musical instruments
-A small and cozy kitchen
-A large master quarters with with a sitting area, private dining area, bedroom, and more.
-A private study/alchemy lab
-A private library
-A large bathing chamber
-Three side/guest/servant bedrooms
-And the Telvanni being the Telvanni, this mod would not be complete without a few secrets. Just keep your eyes open and you'll be sure to run across
them. You might even run across a Daedric artifact or two. 

The Manor should be compatible with any mod that does not change the rooftop of Tel Uvirith extensively. A few minor edits have been made to Tel Fyr as well, but these should also be compatible with most mods, as long as they don't extensively edit Tel Fyr's interior layout.

Compatible and designed to be play with Uvirith's Legacy, Building up Uvirith's Legacy, Rise of House Telvanni, and LGNPC Tel Uvirith. 

A NoM compatibility patch is also available that adds NoM activators to the kitchen. This .esp replaces the original one, and should be loaded before NoM. 

Credits (Resources used from each detailed in the readme)
Star Boi