About this mod

The complete list is available in the long description. All the weapons, clothes, armors have a very high enchantment capacity, all the spells always succeed, there aren't anymore empty containers, the containers respawn much fastly and the list goes on.

Permissions and credits
About this mod and the cheats/god items: This mod is not in the cheats and god items because you will become (nearly) invincible only if you decide to. DIMTB doesn't change your character it only gives you choices, you can use the new enchantment capacities at their full power as well as at only 4% it's all up to you. The same applies for the newly available magic effects and the fact the spells always succeed ; you can use spells less oftenly and nothing forces you to use the unlocked ones, it's all up to you again. Yes the vanilla game is very easy but there are mods to change it and the extensions aren't as easy. If your character is too weak and you absolutely want to finish the extensiosn right away DIMTB gives you the possibility. So no Dramatically improved Morrowind Tribunal and Bloodmoon is not a cheat mod, saying it is totally wrong and very reductive.

Due to the way Morrowind was made you will need a cell/language converter tool to enjoy all the features.
This one should do je job.

The places where my changes are likely not to appear are marked by a *.

DIMTB offers the same features than my 3 other Morrowind mods:
-Improved magicka and alchemy plus infinite use objects
-Restore magicka spell and enchant
-Very rich Creeper and Mudcrab with new services

so I advise you uninstall them before installing this one to prevent any conflict.


Alchemy & ingredients:
All the ingredients have 4 effects
The ingredients only have positive effects except a very few exceptions
The special bread and the muffin are available for sale in Nalcarya of White-Heaven's shop in Balmora with an instant respawn.
The vegetal containers always offer at least one ingredient to harvest
The creatures always give an ingredient.

The bloat spore is added in the game:
-Ald Redanyia*
-Ashinabi, smuggler den*
-Ashurnibibi, shrine*
-Koal cave*
-Dubdilla, unchartered caverns*
-Dubdilla, unchartered caverns, lower*
-Gnisis, underground stream*
-Ilanipu grotto*
-Vassamsi grotto*
-Kogoruhn, Nabith waterway*
-Ahallaraddon egg mine*
-Inanius egg mine*
-Vansunalit egg mine
-Tukushapal, sepulcher*

All the pieces of armor have the same enchantment capacity than the daedric tower shield.

All the clothes have the enchantment capacity than the 6th house amulet.

Excepting the corpses, the evidences chests, the safe containers I created and the player-owned ones (in the safe chouse containers file) all the containers respawn (apart from a few exceptions).
The vanilla-empty containers have something to loot and respawn.
All the containers present in the CS but not in the vanilla game are now available apart from 2 exceptions.
The respawn respawn after 1 in-game month instead of 4 in the vanilla game.

Some creatures absent of the vanilla game are implemented in the game and in liveled lists.
Creeper and the trader mudcrab have 25 millions septims to barter, buy every kind of objects, repair, create spells and enchant objects.
The trader mudcrab has a fortify alchemy (with unlocks all the fortify skill spells) and a restore magicka spell for sale.
Creeper has a fortify magicka multiplier, a restore skill and a damage skill spell for sale.

Houses and strongholds:

I removed the vanilla containers and replaced them by custom-made ones with a higher storage capacity in the Indarys manor, Rethan Manor, Tel Uvirith and the factor's estate in Raven Rock (Solstheim). I added safe containers in the Bloodskaal's house (Skaal village, Solstheim).

Note: if you can't convert this mod from french to your version take the safe house containers file.

New spells are availbale for sale by the merchant creatures (Creeper and the trader mudcrab) with some effects you can't use in the vanilla game (as you can see in the creatures section)
All the spells always succeed.
You can teleport to the Ghostgate, Maar Gan and Suran temples using ALMSIVI interventions.
All the non-enchanted papers, books and scrolls have an enchantability of 100 points.

The NPC's of the merchant class trade every kind of goods except spells and offer a instantly respawning supply except for the slavers.

List of the merchant-class NPC's:
-Bedal Alen (Mournhold, bookseller)*
-Bolrin (Ebonheart, East Empire Company Hall)*
-Dranas Sarathram (Suran, Suran slave market)*
-Eldrar Fathryon (Vivec, Telvanni canalworks)*
-Hjoldir (Dagon Fel)
-Ondres Nérano (Balmora, Nerano manor)*
-Rerlas Mon (Mournhold, Great bazaar)
-Savile Imayn (Tel Aruhn)
-Vilamon (Ebonheart)
-Zabarbael (Molag Mar)

Some NPC's are present in the CS not in the game, I added the following ones, all the hostile NPC's and the ordinators respawn.
Aleri Duro (Ashmelech)*  
Ano Dran (Ashmelech)*
Ather Belden (Balmora, outisde, beside of the South wall cornerclub)
Atúlg gro-Largúm (Shushishi)*
Chulz (Galom daeus, entry)*
Corrudus Secunia (Sadrith Mora, Wolverine hall, outside)
Dalos Golathyn (Ald'Ruhn outside, beside of the Rat in the pot)
Dinere Hlen (Galom Daeus, entry)*
Estalenya (Ashmelech)*
Fomésa Tharys (Sadrith Mora, outside, beside of Dirty Muriel's cornerclub)
Garalo Andalas (Druscashti, lower level)*
Gerrilgor (Galom Daeus, entry)*
Lane Jeannard (Assarnud)
Llandréri Selothan (Maar Gan)
Morn gra-Khatub (Galom Daeus, observatory)*
Ninimilk Addinibi (Druscashti, upper level)*
Nush (Ashmelech)*
Wandering ordinator (Bal Ur)
A smuggler boss (Arkngthand, outside)
Pérégrine Cnisia (Galom Daeus, observatory)*
Pustula Baenius (Galom Daeus, observatory)*
Rangela (Druscashti, lower level)*
Selman Relas (Vivec, on the bridge between the high fane and Vivec's palace)
Silasson (Aralen ancestral tomb)*
Ulwaen (Pelagiad, outside part of the fort)
Varnis Stiève (Druscashti, upper level)*
Vélis Thirothan (Galom daeus, entry)*
Waylas (Druscashti, lower level)*
Yatúr Gro-Shak (Aharunartus)
Zurma Gra-Gakk (Valenvaryon, outside)

Dirver Relas (Mournhold, temple courtyard)*
Dro'Farahn (Mournhold, great bazaar)*
Edre Retene (Mournhold, bookseller)*
Hulgarth (Solstheim, Domme)
Mynn Farr (Galom Daeus, observatory)*

Cingor (Solstheim, Legge)
Hallvaror (Ald Velothi)
Kili la longue (Solstheim, Gandrung caverns)*
Valgus Statlilius (Solstheim, Gandrung caverns)*

The corpses of Remas Morvayn, Pegasai, Tyronius and Yanniss are persistent.

The corpses of Fryssa, Also-he-washes, Keerasa-Tan and Snail-tail are persistent.

Note: The travel markers aren't always well placed, you will sometimes need to disable the collisions (tcl) to get out, I'll fix it when I know how to. If you know how to fix this issue feel free to do so and release it as long as you mention me as the author of the default mod, of course.

Ald Velothi is reachable by boat. Hallvaror the shipmaster can take you to Dagon Fel, Gnaar Mok, Khuul and Tel Vos.
The shipmasters always take to 4 destinations apart from a few exceptions.

Additional destinations:
-Daynas Darys -----> Tel Branora
-Rindral Dralor ---> Sadrith Mora
-Sedyni Veran -----> Dagon Fel
-Talmeni Drethan --> Ald Velothi, Tel Vos
-Valveli Arelas ---> Ald Velothi, Vivec

-Basks-in-the-sun ---> Ald Velothi
-Veresa Alver -------> Ald Velothi, Khuul

The caravaners also take you to 4 destinations.
Additional destinations:
-Daras Aryon -----> Balmora
-Dilami Androm ---> Balmora, Seyda Neen
-Seldus Nerendus -> Balmora

Some weapons that only exist in the CS in the vanilla game have been implemented in the game.
All the weapons have the same enchantment capacity than the ebony staff.

Each point of strength allows you to carry a weight of 10000.
The leveled lists always give a guaranteed result.
The cursed items respawn.

Copy and paste the esp of your choice in the Morrowind\Data files folder

You are free to upload this mod on other sites, translate it, merge it with others, adapt it on similar games or on the other language versions of Morrowind as long as you credit me as the original author.

Don't hesitate to check my other mods:
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