About this mod

Step into Rift. A town mod in the Azura's coast. You have yet to hear about this town.
But you are now. Rift is a sizeable town, secluded from the chaos of Vvardenfel.
Although, not only is it a town, It's also packed with new quests, dozens of new
interiors, new shops, a new companion, new dungeon, and all-new unique dial

Permissions and credits
Rift, a Town Mod
                                                                    adds a whole new town in the Azura's Coast.
                                                                                   Cleaned with Tes3cmd
                                     Featured on Morrowind Mod Reviews, and Morrowind Modding Showcases!
                         ( I recommend playing some of my newer mods, this is some of my older stuff)

                                                                                    ( NEW UPDATE: 2.5       )

                                                                           Added: Map marker, and path grids!

                                         Rift is a nice-sized shack town with dozens of unique interiors, interesting NPC's,
                                      A new dungeon, many new quests, a new companion, a player home, and much more!
                                         Need a nice, cozy place to rest, have a drink, or partake in the market's economy?
                                     Rift is the perfect place! Need a place to sell your old weapons, or need some new clothes?
                                       Rift has everything you might need, and more! Have fun exploring, and questing in Rift!

                                                                                 Included are;-
                                                                  -Dozens of new and unique interiors-
                                                                                - New dungeon-
                                                                              - New Companion-
                                                                           - A unique daedra vendor
                                                       -Many new QUESTS in Rift, but not limited to Rift-
                                               -Over 50 new NPC's, with unique dialogue, and personalities-
                                                             -A cozy, nice town, with much verticality-
                                                                       -New shops, inns, and more-
                                                                                -Player home(s)!
                                                                                       - MORE-

How to install? Unzip the compressed folder. Open the new uncompressed folder, Drag the "Data Files" folder into your Morrowind Directory, click yes to all. Start Morrowind, click data files, enable "Rift Town", click ok, and play Morrowind.

Now, are there any compatibility issues?-
No, works with all mods that do not change the area in which Rift is in. Which is unlikely. (Works with Morrowind rebirth) :)

B U G S;  No known bugs as of now.Feedback; Feedback would be appreciated! I'm very proud of this mod, and would love to herefeedback, or tips! 

CREDIT: MatthewTheBagel T H A N K  Y O U