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Lord Berandas

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More detailes meshes for "com" and "de" dock pieces and others.

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This is a compilation of my meshes created for the Morrowind Original Asset Replacement project that started at the OpenMW forums some time ago. Unfortunately the project hasn't survived, but my work for this project did, so I decided to release it to the public.
Goal of this project was to create mesh replacers that would be just like vanilla meshes, but with overall quality up to today's standards, more details that were previously displayed only at vanilla textures and also some bugfixes, for messed UVs, missing faces, hidden geometry, doubled vertices, bad collision meshes etc.

This set contains mostly exterior "com" and "de" dock meshes with more rounded logs and ropes, railings and some doors.
It also contains improved plant containers with picked variants, if you're not using the Graphical Herbalism mod, feel free to delete the Meshes/GHerb folder.

If you find any bugs or something, let me know.