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HD Retexture for the Limeware of Morrowind. Vanilla-friendly.

Permissions and credits
This is an ESPless mod retexturing limeware in a lore-friendly way, it will affect 4 items: Cup, flask, bowl, and platter, all classified as limeware ingame.

These textures are built upon real world antique pottery. Since I didn't find any real limeware that could match the morrowind's limeware, I played with some ancient potteryware until it feels close to the shapes and material displayed in the vanilla version, and when I say close, I mean it ;). Textures use a 8x higher definition (256*1024, 1024*512, 512*512) than the vanilla ones, cosmetic boost will happen. Regarding performance, I'm playing on a low end desktop machine and everything looks okay to me.

Attention, incoming wall of text for licensing and stuffs.


This mod is placed under CC BY-SA 4.0 International License ( If you wish to publish and/or remix my mod, you can attribute me as anarkhya and link whenever possible to also see below for the chain of attribution, please note that in case of a remix it will automatically bound you to the share alike license.

are built upon: Neolithic Pottery, Llobrega, Spain, displayed in Museum of Toulouse
Photo shot by Didier Descouens and placed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.
are built upon: Jars Pompeii, ancient roman terracotta, Pompeii, Italy
Photo shot by Jebulon and placed under Public Domain License
are built upon: Lid, Iran, 10th-11th century, Islamic Art, Earthenware
Photo shot by ? at Los Angeles County Museum of Art and placed under Public Domain


Bethesda Softworks for this great game
Morrowind communities for spreading the joy of modding
All the hosters that support communities in providing them a nice home
And my loyal Gimp for helping me creating stuffs everyday